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IMPEACH! The Arpaio Pardon Seals Either Trump’s Fate, or America’s

August 28, 2017

In an August 22nd Op-Ed for Bloomberg, Harvard Professor Noah Feldman wrote that an Arpaio pardon by President Trump “would not be an ordinary exercise of the power — it would be an impeachable offense.” Feldman went on to explain…

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London Mayor Goes Full Birther After Obama Prods UK To Stay In EU

April 22, 2016

The press in the United Kingdom was already eagerly discussing what US President Barack Obama would say about the potential split between the UK and the European Union (EU) well ahead of his scheduled visit. Obama has arrived in the…

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New ‘Girther Movement’ Demands To See Donald’s Alleged ‘Trump Tower’

March 6, 2016

‘Girthers’ Demand Proof Of Donald Trump’s Alleged Penis, Want To See ‘Schlong-Form Girth Certificate’ The 2016 presidential election is one about all of the very serious issues our nation is faced with today. The future of health care, budget and…

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This Black Conservative’s DONE With The GOP — Here’s Why

November 5, 2015

Meet Issac J. Bailey. He’s one of those fabled black conservative voters white liberals keep hearing about, but can’t believe such a thing could exist.  And no, Bailey’s not stupid, he’s not crazy, and he certainly is not what people used…

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President Obama Greeted By Armed And Ignorant Protesters In Oregon

October 9, 2015

Instead of sympathy, support, kinship, and benevolence, this is the face that a large group of protesters in Roseburg, Oregon chose to put forward today when President Obama visited their city. The ugly face of cowardice, hatred, racism, fear, and…

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