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Conservatives ‘Won,’ But That Hasn’t Made Them Less Bitter, Hateful, Or Violent

April 15, 2017

Despite ‘Taking Their Country Back,’ Conservatives Are Just As Volatile, Hateful, And Angry As Ever On a Tuesday evening, after picking up his daughter from the sitter, Michael Treiman found himself shielding his child with his body as an unhinged sociopath in…

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Heartbroken Voters Speak Out On The New York Voter Purge

April 20, 2016

Countless Thousands Of New York Voters Lost Their Voices In Tuesday’s Primary. They Deserve To Be Heard When my girlfriend Sharyn and I first heard that New York State residents were seeing their voter registrations changed, neither of us imagined it…

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Upstate NY Eatery Devotes Sandwiches to Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton

April 18, 2016

This Hilarious Edible Endorsement Of Bernie Sanders Will Leave You Feeling The Bern If you support Bernie Sanders, this comical endorsement from The Belmar Pub & Grill in Binghamton, New York is going to slap a big, greasy smile on your…

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Ted Cruz Just Visited My City: Here Are 10 Questions They Never Would’ve Let Me Ask

April 15, 2016

Ted Cruz Visits Binghamton: Where The Hell Was My Invitation? n Friday, retired Zodiac Killer 2016 Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz visited Binghamton, New York — the city I reside in — for a closed Town Hall at the Forum Theater, where…

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The Mass Shooting Hillary Clinton Never Cared About

January 19, 2016

Is Hillary Clinton The Gun Control Champion She’s Made Out To Be? It’s a key component of her campaign’s narrative, and for some of her supporters, it’s her greatest selling point: Hillary Clinton is considered by many to be one…

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Binghamton, NY Is America’s First City To End Veteran Homelessness

November 19, 2015

There are nearly 50,000 homeless veterans in the United States today, but one city in New York State — the city I happen to live in — has just put a small, but meaningful, dent in that epidemic. As of last…

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