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Exclusive Interview: Lawyer Speaks out about DNC Fraud Lawsuit (VIDEO)

May 12, 2017

n journalism, it’s important not to blur the lines between op-ed and objective reporting. Especially when you are known as both a columnist and a reporter. The lines between reporting and commentating have become blurred as more receive their news…

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This Fiercely Conservative Newspaper Is Endorsing A Democrat For The First Time Ever (VIDEO)

September 28, 2016

The Arizona Republic has a long and storied history of endorsing Republicans for president. That has now changed, and for the first time in the newspaper’s 126-year history, it’s endorsing a Democrat — Hillary Clinton. A definite landmark for this…

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In Nevada Convention Chaos, Blame The Party, Not The People

May 18, 2016

In The Wake Of Nevada’s Democratic Convention, Millions Of Primary Voters Are Outraged, And With Good Reason Nevada’s recent primary mess was a cluster-fuck of epic proportions, and there are plenty of ways to distribute the blame. But for news…

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Clinton Supporters Coordinate Massive Removal Of Pro Sanders Facebook Groups

April 26, 2016

Bros4Hillary Facebook Group Coordinates To Shut Down Large Pro-Bernie Groups Last night, Hillary Clinton supporters launched an apparent coordinated effort to shut down Bernie Sanders-related Facebook groups. In a press release, the admin of Bernie Believers, a Facebook group with over…

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Bernie Sanders Raises $3 Million In 24 Hours: ‘It’s Been Our Best Day Ever’

February 3, 2016

Bernie Sanders Cashes In On Near-Tie With Clinton. Twenty-four hours after virtually tying with Hillary Clinton in Iowa, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders raised an impressive $3 million—mostly from small, individual contributions averaging about $27 each. “It’s been our best day ever,”…

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‘Bernie Bros?’ Lazy Smear Tactic Paints Sanders Voters As Sexist

January 31, 2016

Bernie Bros: Why Voting Against Hillary Isn’t Inherently Sexist It’s kind of hard to steer clear of all the dramatic mud-slinging that goes on between the Pro-Hillary and Pro-Bernie crowd. And yet my efforts must be proving successful because the…

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Planned Parenthood Is Bigger Than ‘Team Bernie’ Or ‘Team Hillary’ (OPINION)

January 9, 2016

Planned Parenthood Backlash Is A Thing Of U-G-L-Y… As soon as I read via CNN that Planned Parenthood would, for the first time in its 100 year history, endorse a candidate, I knew there would be trouble. Especially when that…

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An Alleged Hillary Shill Talks About Being Paid To Smear Bernie Sanders

November 6, 2015

Update, 4/23/2016: On April 22, my colleague Nathaniel Downes reported David Brock’s Correct the Record SuperPAC is paying $1 million to an “online taskforce” of paid internet commenters called Barrier Breakers 2016. As reported by The Daily Beast, FEC loopholes mean Brock’s PAC can…

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