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Teachers in This Red State Just Shut Down All The Schools

February 22, 2018

Teachers are angry Part of the reason Bernie Sander’s campaign during the 2016 Democratic Primary appealed broadly in red states was because he was talking about issues that have universal support. Abortion and gun rights may cause a political divide,…

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YUUGE NEWS: Bernie Sanders Keeps The Revolution Alive With New Podcast

April 10, 2017

Now You Can Keep Up With the Bernie Sanders Revolution Everywhere You Go Bernie Sanders was a force to be reckoned with during the 2016 election. If he had become President of the United States, there is no doubt he…

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Whoah! California Might Not Be Such A Shoo-in For Clinton — Sanders Could Win! (POLL)

May 26, 2016

Sanders Chances Of Beating Clinton In California Just Got A Whole Lot Better Hillary Clinton was confident that California was hers. Bernie Sanders stuck in the race and restructured his campaign because he saw the potential in California and wanted…

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