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Tom Perez And Keith Ellison Just Declared War On Trump

February 25, 2017

Perez and Ellison are uniting the democrats Today was a day of high political stakes for leftists across the country, as the Democratic National Committee held their long-awaited elections to choose the next Chairman to lead the Democratic Party into…

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So-Called Patriots Cluelessly Wave Russian ‘Trump’ Flags At CPAC – Until Security Threatens Them

February 24, 2017

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is more than just an annual gathering for Republicans across the country. It is almost like a vetting process for anyone interested in running as a member of the GOP. If you do anything that…

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‘Nothing Is Impossible’: Hackers Penetrate Official Donald Trump Website Server

February 20, 2017

Donald Trump website Server Penetrated by Iraqi Hackers On Sunday, one of President Donald Trump’s website servers was overtaken by a person claiming to be from Iraq. With growing speculation that the president continues to use an unsecured smartphone, along with concerns…

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Dance Party Erupts In City Of Brotherly Love To Protest GOP Retreat

January 26, 2017

Trump Can’t Escape Protesters On a cold, Wednesday night, hundreds of LGBTQA+ activists and protesters took to the streets of Philadelphia. But this protest wasn’t just signs and chants, it was a full on dance party. “Who says you can’t…

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White House Issues Stunning Comment On Meryl Streep’s Anti-Trump Speech

January 9, 2017

The White House applauds Meryl Streep’s speech resident-elect Donald Trump did not take long to respond to last night’s speech given by Meryl Streep during the Golden Globe awards; and now it’s the White House‘s turn to give their opinion. Following the speech, Trump…

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CNN Anchor HAMMERS Trump’s Campaign Manager: Stop Blaming The Media For Trump’s Problems (VIDEO)

October 13, 2016

When CNN anchor Brianna Keilar interviewed Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, things heated up quickly. Conway blamed the media and “particularly CNN” for Trump’s bad judgment when it comes to making absurd statements. Fireworks fly as CNN anchor grills Conway…

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Republican Electoral College Revolt Begins As Georgia GOP Elector Goes #NeverTrump

August 3, 2016

Republican Baoky Vu May Withhold Electoral College Vote From Donald Trump As Donald Trump continues to run his campaign for president into the ground, it has become unsurprising to hear longtime Republicans declare they will not vote for him. And…

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Trump Takes Break From Slandering Everyone To Claim He’s The Most Slandered

March 29, 2016

As painful as it can be listening to Donald Trump, we are forced to do so since his candidacy for the highest office in the land appears inevitable. In an interview with Michael Savage yesterday, the pain was immense as…

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