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Lies and The Lying Liar in Chief—Trump Sets ‘Sad’ 6-Month Record

July 20, 2017

y his sixth month in office, President Donald Trump averaged 4.9 “false or misleading” statements per day for a total of 836 misstatements, alternative facts, or lies, according to the Washington Post‘s running scorecard, The Fact Checker. Today marks the…

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EXPERT: Kellyanne Conway May Have Just Violated Federal Law With Latest Interview Mishap

February 9, 2017

Kellyanne Conway ‘Free Commercial’ For Ivanka May Be Violation Of Law Kellyanne Conway made an appearance on Fox & Friends this morning and decided to take some time to make a “free commercial” during her interview. Conway touted the products…

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Man Behind False ‘3 Million In Voter Fraud’ Gets His Ass Handed To Him On CNN (VIDEO)

January 27, 2017

False Voter Fraud Claim Shredded On CNN Voter fraud conspiracy theorist Gregg Phillips is not having a very good morning. Phillips, the founder of a group called VoteStand, is reportedly the primary source of the Trump administration’s alternate facts about…

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REPORT: Trump’s New Presidency Directed By Disturbing Rage, Despite Aides’ Pleas

January 24, 2017

Donald Trump Allowed Anger To Dictate First Days Donald Trump’s first days in the White House were directed by a disturbing and visible rage, according to interviews with almost a dozen White House officials and Trump advisers. The rage had several…

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