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MOVIE REVIEW: Thoughtful Sci-Fi ‘Annihilation’ sees Natalie Portman Face a New ET

March 1, 2018

‘Annihilation’ takes Natalie Portman and friends deep into a magical alien world created right here on earth I had no clue what to expect going into this movie. My wife said, “I want to go see Annihilation.” I said, “Okay.”…

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Infuriating New Data Shows Just Who Trump’s Immigration Force is Really Arresting

April 28, 2017

Non-Offenders Rounded Up for Deportation Under Trump Under Donald Trump, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been rounding up innocent people, the Washington Post reported Friday. Since Trump’s inauguration following his Electoral College victory, ICE has stepped up random raids. The…

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Aliens Thinking About Visiting Earth Should Wait Until Trump Leaves Office

April 19, 2017

An Open Letter To The Galaxy: Please Don’t Visit Earth Until Donald Trump Leaves Office In Earth-Year 2021 The following is an open letter to any and all advanced, intelligent lifeforms in the universe who are capable of intercepting the…

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Deporting And Terrorizing Undocumented Immigrants Will Cause Economic Collapse—Just Ask Alabama

February 12, 2017

Strict Alabama Law Shows What Happens When Undocumented Immigrants Flee The 45th president of the United States continues his war on immigrants. The White House is rewriting its executive order fulfilling a campaign promise to ban Muslims after the 9th…

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Stephen Hawking’s Plan To Find Alien Life Is So Crazy It Just Might Work (VIDEO)

April 13, 2016

Stephen Hawking Has A Plan To Find Alien Life On Habitable Planets The hunt for extra-terrestrial life is an intersection of real scientific endeavor and kitschy UFO conspiracy. “I’m sure the universe is full of intelligent life,” said writer and futurist…

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