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She Laughed At Jeff Sessions During His Confirmation — Now She Faces Up To A Year In Jail

May 3, 2017

All she did was laugh during Jeff Sessions U.S. Attorney General confirmation hearing. But because she did that, she now faces time in prison. Sessions supporters failed to see the irony of the situation Code Pink activist Desiree A. Fairooz was…

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Trump Blames Muslims For His Anti-Gay Legislation (VIDEO)

October 1, 2016

To attack Muslims, Trump pandered to the LGBTQ community It’s no secret that Donald Trump hates Muslims. In an effort to ban them from the U.S., he’s now championing a dangerous idea that would harm the LGBT community. rump has…

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Obviously Brilliant Police Record Themselves Illegally Conspiring to Frame Protester (VIDEO)

September 20, 2016

A shocking video has surfaced recently that shows state police in Connecticut attempting to fabricate charges to pin on a protester after arresting him and illegally seizing his camera. Fortunately, these police officers were careless That’s because they didn’t realize the…

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You’ll Never Believe How Much A $2,500 Payday Loan Actually Cost This Guy

May 21, 2016

Let this be a lesson to all who read it: Predatory payday loans can ruin your life, and according to the industry, itself, you can thank Dodd-Frank for that. Elliot Clark of Kansas City, Missouri, took out five $500 payday…

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Oklahoma’s ‘Video Vigilante’ Uses Drones to Combat Prostitution

August 31, 2015

For nearly 20 years, Brian Bates, also known as the “Video Vigilante,” has been using video cameras to combat prostitution in his Oklahoma City community. He films prostitutes, pimps and Johns and publicizes the videos in order to expose and…

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Hillary Tells Black Lives Matter Protesters: ‘You Change Laws, Not Hearts’

August 18, 2015

Five Black Lives Matter protesters arrived at a Hillary Clinton campaign event in Keene N.H., on August 11th. The protesters couldn’t get in, even though they said they planned to interrupt the event. According to Politico, due to space constraints,…

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Far Right Blames Amtrak Crash On Engineer’s Gay Rights Activism

May 14, 2015

Several commentators in the far right’s media echo chamber failed to understand basic cause and effect when discussing what may have contributed to the Amtrak train crash in Philadelphia on Tuesday night. It all started when Chuck Johnson‘s news outlet…

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