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REPORT: Chicago Election Audit Observers Witnessed Manipulated Vote Counts (VIDEO)

April 23, 2016

Citizen Auditors Witnessed Chicago Officials Wrongfully Take Votes From Sanders, Gave Twice Back To Clinton Oh, Chicago. Apart from Florida, you’re my favorite place in America to write about in terms of political and election controversy. At an election board…

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Five Ex-Presidents Just Say No To The Disastrous War on Drugs

March 25, 2016

Five former presidents from around the world are adding their voices to a new book calling for an end to the failed and disgraceful War on Drugs. “Ending the War on Drugs” is edited by Sir Richard Branson and includes…

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Universal Health Care? Colorado Voters Could Make It A Reality

November 11, 2015

Colorado has a better idea on health care. Again. The state’s initiative in reducing teen pregnancy rates already showed America how to reach a viable healthcare outcome. Now, enough voters have signed a proposed amendment about universal health care to put the matter on the…

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