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How the 1990s Created a Toxic Political Atmosphere for Kavanaugh to Shine | Reverb TV

October 1, 2018

Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich laid the foundation for the current fight we see in Washington, D.C. with Kavanaugh and the Senate Democrats.

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Trump Hires The One Man Who Opened The Floodgates To Campaign Corruption

September 2, 2016

Trump Hires David Bossie The Donald Trump campaign announced another big hire, the Washington Post reported Friday. David Bossie is now the deputy campaign manager, to serve under manager and professional sycophant, Kellyanne Conway. Bossie might not be a household name…

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Trump’s Past Is Coming Back To Haunt Him Again—Will He Weasel Out Of It This Time? (VIDEO)

July 21, 2016

Sometimes it almost seems like Donald Trump is in cahoots with the mainstream media. This is especially true when you consider the number of times women have come forward alleging sexual harassment by the Republican presidential nominee. Consider Jill Harth,…

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