A Japanese Car Company Smacked Trump Down in Brilliant Ad That Might Just MAGA

A Japanese Car Company Smacked Trump Down in Brilliant Ad That Might Just MAGA

As seems to be the case these days, America is a divided nation this Sunday. Not just liberal vs. conservative, right vs. left, Democrats vs. Republicans, but now, for the 52nd time, AFC, vs. NFC, in the NFL. Team, vs. Team. This time, the New England Patriots, vs. Philadelphia Eagles.

Except, we’re not a divided nation at all. We might argue over what’s the best way forward, or even if the best way IS forward. We may troll each other over, well, everything. We may even have differing opinions about whether it’s OK for the President to accept Russian help becoming President, if in fact he did what it looks like he might have done. But let the Russians come here in force, or any other invaders, and you’ll see how unified this country really is.

Japan learned this truth around the same time our divisive, religious travel banning, Nazi violence equivocating President was born. And one of the leading Japanese companies of today took the opportunity to remind America of this truth which is the one thing that ever really made America great, by buying some of the most expensive commercial airtime to say:

“We’re all one team.”

And they did it, very subtly, showing religious people travelling. A clear, if subtle, smackdown of President Trump’s divisive policies. Well played, Toyota. That’s a touchdown! And Amen.


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