Russian Propagandists Hilariously Trolled Over 'Irrefutable' Video Game 'Evidence' US Aids ISIS

Russian Propagandists Hilariously Trolled Over ‘Irrefutable’ Video Game ‘Evidence’ US Aids ISIS

Russia’s propaganda war against the United States has done serious damage, including interference in our most recent Presidential election. Something most serious serious people (including America’s Intelligence Community) have concluded is a fact, but some of those caught up in the scandal, and their supporters, stubbornly deny.

And that war goes on, but it just took a turn for the absurd. In a Tweet sent Tuesday by the official (Russian language) Twitter account for the Russian Ministry of Defense, a series of photos were posted by The Ministry claimed that Russia had “irrefutable evidence” that the United States was providing military assistance to the terrorist group ISIS. Among Russia’s so-called “confirmation”, a photo from a video game.

The Russian Defense Ministry’s tweet was deleted after the video game image was exposed as a fraud, but the Internet Archive captured it:

"The Ministry of Defense of Russia publishes an indisputable confirmation that the United States provides cover for combat-capable ISIS units for use in advancing American interests in the Middle East." (Translation by Google).
“#Russian_Mod shows irrefutable evidence that #US are actually covering ISIS combat units to recover their combat capabilities, redeploy, and use them to promote American interests in Middle East” (From the English language version of the tweet).

The video game screenshot comes from the game “AC-130 Gunship Simulator: Special Ops Squadron”, in a clip available on Youtube. Which a sharp eyed Twitter user going by the handle “Mr. Spooky Ghost” spotted, and posted a comparison of the Kremlin’s “indisputable confirmation”, and his own screenshot from the game:

While the handle “Mr. Spooky Ghost”, sounds like a slang term for spies, “spook”, and a casual scrolling of the account would seem to suggest that it is fairly devoted to countering Russian propaganda, a deeper scroll reveals the account is actually a conservative prone to insulting “libs”. And this user is unlikely to be a Jack Ryan type CIA analyst, as those people are not known for posting photos of themselves. But conservative or not, his followers (including some of the blue checkmark variety) have a great sense of humor, and sharp eyes, and used both to mercilessly troll the Russian propagandists.

Some of the observations were more serious, though, pointing more instances of Russia misrepresenting images out of context, and how Russian propaganda outlets quickly jumped on the fake news story – and so did terrorist propagandists.

The above was taken from a video posted on

All of which should lead any reasonable person, even a conservative who hates “libs”, to conclude Russia’s propaganda war against the United States is real, and it’s serious, and they’ll use anything they can against us – even a video game.

Edward Lynn is the Editor in Chief of Reverb Press. More posts by Edward Lynn.

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