The Schlossberg Case Proves the Resistance is Winning the War Against Deplorable MAGA-ots

The Schlossberg Case Proves the Resistance is Winning the War Against Deplorable MAGA-ots

Thanks to Donald Trump, those scum of the Earth types Hillary Clinton so eloquently labeled as “deplorables”, but who I think of as MAGA-ots (maggots), are out everywhere and on the attack, going after innocent people and creating havoc in our communities. In fact, we’ve seen them relocate their trolling efforts from the social networks that are adjusted their algorithm to public places. The old school or analog versions of an algorithm in public places is to retaliate, but somehow, these MAGA-ots have been immune from a lot of that until recently.

Aaron Schlossberg was one of the most recent MAGA-ots to make headlines when he harassed some customers for speaking Spanish in public last week, threatening to call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on them. Fortunately, thanks to that footage going viral, Schlossberg experienced a category 5 shitstorm of opposition. We can start with footage by the New York Post, who tried to get him to answer some questions when they caught up with the bigot the next day.

During the 2015-2016 Presidential campaign, Trump’s trolls were out calling Liberals and everyone on the left as “snowflakes” but we’re in fact seeing that they are the actual delicate snowflakes who we see melt on camera when they can’t handle the heat. Here’s more footage of this racist on foot, shot the same day after NY Post was on him.

Taking down Aaron Schlossberg

While many of these MAG-ots seem to thrive off of making these kinds of headlines, Schlossberg appeared to be balancing between bearing the consequences and being rewarded for being a bigot. Among the consequences, the landlord for Schlossberg’s office promptly evicted him, and Rep. Adriano Espaillat (D-N.Y.) and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. have filed complaints with the state’s court system in order to review and revoke his license.

Done Telling Trump’s Lies, ICE Spokesman Slams Racist Propaganda, Resigns

But in the Trump era, people like Schlossberg are also offered jobs because, despite the horrific display, people like him are seen as a good investment in conservative circles. They go from obscurity, to right wing darlings overnight. An article by GQ reporting on a party that was held out in front of Aaron’s apartment with a Mariachi band, giving him a musical dose of all the Spanish he seems to hate so much, made a similar point. The author suggested that if the racist lawyer had written his rant instead of yelling it out, he might have been offered a job as a conservative columnist.

But, even that seems off limits in this case, as TMZ caught up with the MAGA racist Tomi Lahren, who said that the lawyer’s outburst was ridiculous. Perhaps that could destroy any hopes he might have for alt-right media. So, it looks like a combination of smackdowns are moving pretty quickly against him, and thus far, there don’t seem to be any job offers from the right to reward his bigotry.

The New York Post has reported on a number of people connected to Schlossberg’s past and present cases, who attest that the incendiary display that went viral was no fluke.

Latinos under attack

Schlossberg ‘s outburst also happened in the same week that his leader, Donald Trump, was taking fire for his comment calling Latino immigrants “animals”, in response to a Republican California sheriff who was complaining to Trump, and for the cameras, about the bureaucracy of processing illegal immigrants with ICE. After a predicatble backlash to such a blatantly racist statement by the President of the United States, Trump scrambled to say that he was referring to the Latino gang Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) which is generally made up of immigrants from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Since late last year, President Trump moved to revoke Temporary Protected Status for thousands of immigrants that have been living in the US for decades, under the guise that they make up the bulk of MS-13. The gang is said to have a heavy presence in California and originates out of Los Angeles.

No other explanation is offered as to why he’s singling out that gang, and not the neo-nazis who attacked Charlottesville, or the Aryan Brotherhood, or the Ku Klux Klan, or for that matter, the Bloods, or the Crips, or any of many other violent gangs. So it seems a matter of record that the reason is because these criminals, are hispanic.

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The Young Turks summarized the karmic blows delivered to Schlossberg perfectly:

Around the same time that this lawyer hogged the headlines, another guy was getting thrown out of a coffee shop for harassing a Muslim woman in public which TYT also provided good commentary on. In the video, a regular named Barry Landau stood up for the woman and said to the guy, “Why don’t you get the f*** out of here,” before the barista refused to take the man’s money.

In all of these situations, we’re seeing that people are uniting to defend those who are being attacked against the racist hatred which has unfortunately become too common. Like many others, I called Schlossberg’s office number to leave a voicemail but of course, the mailbox was full. And that’s probably a good thing, since I wouldn’t have had anything nice to say, as this is one “snowflake” who won’t shrink fighting the good fight.

And you know, the potential for a real fight breaking out is there, as Buzzfeed reported on a local establishment that I happen to frequent, which received death threats from people who are perhaps as dangerous as MS-13 — NRA MAGAots — when the restaurant said they supported gun reform laws. But hopefully not, as when people take a stand as we’re seeing them do, it’s a better and more effective battle. And it’s one that we’re winning.

Freelance writer and creator of Survival Journalism.

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