Sean Hannity And Steve Bannon Think They'll End Up In Jail Over Trump

Why Do Sean Hannity And Steve Bannon Think They’ll End Up In Jail Over Trump?

Is The “Deep State” is after Hannity and Bannon?

In a special meeting with Breitbart Executive Chairman Steve Bannon, Sean Hannity shared some conspiratorial ideas regarding the recent developments in Robert Mueller’s investigation into collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia: that it was all a cover-up by the “deep state” to bring down the President.

The two, along with Fox News analyst Pat Goodell, spoke about this long-standing effort to “destroy” Trump as doing so would destroy his movement and “take that voice away from the forgotten man.” Most interestingly, Hannity noted that specific Trump supporters like himself and Bannon could go to jail as a result of the deep state.

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For those fortunate enough not to have been listening to Hannity’s radio show since March 2017, let me bring you up to speed. He has been propagating this conspiracy that there is an army of Obama Administration bureaucrats working to undermine the Trump White House, called the “deep state” or a “shadow government.” As he put it in an episode of his aforementioned broadcast:

“You have this what we call shadow government, deep state of career bureaucrats, Obama appointees that are working hard and undermining every single solitary day everything that Trump wants to do…”

While on the surface this might seem like a typical Republican attempt at scapegoating Obama for Trump’s failings, the timing of the declaration is too coincidental. During mid-to-late February and the beginning of March, lots of things transpired that kicked off the chain of the events that ultimately led to the appointment of Mueller, beginning with Michael Flynn’s resignation. Flynn had been working as Trump’s National Security Advisor in spite of him ironically hitting lots of national security red flags from the FBI. When combined with the revelation that other campaign aides had been in contact with Russian officials, many respected news outlets including The New Yorker and The Washington Post began advocating for a federal probe into the matter.

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Being a shill for Trump, as he has been for the Republican Party in general, would have been one thing for Hannity. But actively trying to conceive an Alex Jones-level conspiracy theory regarding the opposition to Trump, especially when the Russia story really started to gain steam, is much more suspicious.

Hannity has continued to advocate the existence of the “deep state” in the months since it formulated in his head, but this declaration with Bannon that they could end up in prison comes off as more of a reason to perpetuate to their viewers an inevitable outcome: that they will indeed be arrested in the future for withholding knowledge of Trump’s communications with the Russians. Hannity has frequently championed himself as a friend of Trump since his presidential ambitions, while Bannon, of course, worked extensively on the campaign trail in addition to serving as the White House Chief Strategist.

The question then becomes what information might the two hiding that could get them imprisoned?

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