Roy Moore Speaks Fluent Russian in Shocking Video Denouncing America

Watch Roy Moore Speak Fluent Russian in Shocking Video Denouncing America, Praising Putin

Roy Moore Has some negative things to say about America, the country he wants to represent

As the 2017 Alabama Special Election commences tomorrow, the national Russia scandal continues to make the airwaves. Both pieces of news have dominated the American landscape over the past few months, namely because of significant developments on the two ends that we have extensively covered.

However, it appears the two stories may not be as separate as one thinks as a video has surfaced from an interview Alabama Republican candidate Roy Moore did with The Guardian wherein he disclosed his traitorous thoughts on Putin and Russia. This was reported on previously by respected news outlets, but the footage paints a more disturbing picture as one sees how serious Moore is about his beliefs regarding national security, separation of Church and State, and same-sex marriage.

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Paul Lewis, the journalist who interviews Moore in the video, asked him about whether or not he truly believed that Trump was put in the Oval Office by “God,” to which the Republican openly confirmed, tossing aside the idea that Russia interfered in the process. Responding to this, Lewis pointed out how Ronald Reagan, a revered Republican hero, claimed that Russia, then a part of the Soviet Union, was “the focus of evil in the modern world,” to which Moore made a surprising declaration: that you could say the same thing about America.

There has of course been a lot of criticism directed at America for its interference in the governments of other countries since the beginning of the Cold War, but even that is not what Moore was referring to. Instead, Moore was talking about the country’s recent legalization of same-sex marriage through the Supreme Court ruling of Obergefell v. Hodges in 2015. When Lewis pointed out that Putin has said similar things, Moore responded with the declaration that “maybe Putin is right. Maybe he’s more akin to me then I know”. Then, asked what he would say to Russian dictator Putin, Moore surprisingly spoke in fluent Russian, translated by The Guardian as “hello, how are you?”

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While Moore’s affinity for Putin and the apparent fluency in the Russian language could be seen as alarming in light of the Special Counsel Investigation, it is worth pointing out that Moore studied Russian at West Point during the Cold War, and could simply have retained at least that one phrase over the years. Nevertheless, Moore seems to be quite disloyal to America, and quite friendly towards a dictator who has meddled in our democracy, as well as ending the fledgling democracy that had begun to grow in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Considering his blatantly disloyal remarks against America along with the multiple allegations of sexual harassment, stalking, assault, and rape of women and girls dating back decades, raises serious concerns about Moore’s fitness to serve the American People as a United States Senator. This gives Democrat and Republican voters in Alabama, alike, good reason to vote for Moore’s Democratic opponent Doug Jones. The question is, will they?

Check out the full interview below:

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