Trump Poised To Charge American Taxpayers With A $3 Million Bill

Trump Poised To Stick American Taxpayers With A Whopping $3 Million Bill In Needless Expenses

Donald trump can’t quite pay all his bills

Back in mid-August, documentary filmmaker and humorist Michael Moore penned a piece asserting that Donald Trump was deliberately sabotaging his campaign as he never had any intentions of wanting to become the President of the United States. Moore theorized that Trump had been unhappy with his lack of negotiating power against NBC, and thus started this presidential bid to accumulate more influence.

Whether or not this theory holds weight is for the people to decide, but there is no denying the fact that Trump has been doing many unconventional things since winning the general election. From turning back on many campaign promises to ignoring security memos, it is clear that the next four years are going to be some of the most interesting in the history of the country.

One change that the media has particularly been obsessive about is the revelation that First Lady-elect Melania Trump would not be moving into the White House, instead staying at Trump Tower with Trump’s youngest son Barron. The official reason given is to allow Barron the opportunity to finish his education without suddenly changing schools, though speculation has arisen that ulterior motives could be at play. Regardless, this would once again be a sensationalized non-issue if it were not for a little fact; taxpayers will more than likely have to foot the security bill.

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You may be thinking that, that makes no sense as taxpayer dollars already go towards paying the salaries of the Secret Service. Well, unfortunately, there simply are not enough Secret Servicemen to protect Trump and his family in the event that they reside at Trump Tower, which requires a total of 250 security officers operating from two floors, their fees priced at an estimate of $1.5 million per a floor, or $3 million total. And guess who will have to cover all those expenses, in addition to the inevitable financial disasters the Trump presidency will no doubt cause?

The only good news out of all this is the increased attention to Trump Tower has lead to 15 percent of the units being put up for sale or rent in an attempt to avoid the politically-tense situations that have arisen there and will only get worse. Follow in the example of the protesters and keep fighting this man and his administration, so that they know we will never accept their hate as true leadership.

Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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