Trump Lawyers Claim First Amendment Right to Suppress First Amendment With Violence. Really.

Trump Lawyers Claim First Amendment Right to Suppress First Amendment With Violence. Really.

Claiming To Use Free Speech Rights To Stop Protesters First Amendment Rights

Pres. Trump has his attorneys claiming that he was exercising his first amendment right to free speech when protesters were being assaulted at one of his rallies for exercising their right to free speech. Amazing…

In March 2016, here in my hometown of Louisville, KY, three protesters were assaulted by Trump supporters at a political rally as the now-President egged the on the crowd to remove the protesters in what ended up being a violent manner. As they were being assaulted, Trump yelled into the microphone,

Get ’em out of here, get ‘em out of here!

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Following these attacks, the protesters filed a lawsuit against Trump and his campaign in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Kentucky where U.S. District Court Judge David J. Hale allowed most of the claims to continue after a motion by Trump’s attorneys to dismiss the case. And in his ruling, Hale wrote that it was plausible that Trump’s command advocated use of force, according to the Courier-Journal. In Hale’s written ruling, he stated the plaintiffs’ lawsuit “described a chaotic and violent scene in which a crowd of people turned on three individuals” as they were shoved, punched, and cursed at by rally attendees, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Two of the Trump supporters who assaulted the protesters even said in court that they acted at the urging of Trump, according to the Courier-Journal. And according to the Los Angeles Times, rally attendee Alvin Bamberger, who is cited in the lawsuit as being the “most aggressive”, testified,

Trump kept saying, ‘Get them out, get them out,’ and people in the crowd began pushing and shoving the protesters.

In reaction, Trump’s lawyers are now appealing the ruling to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Ohio. And what is Trump’s defense? The Commander-in-Chief’s lawyers argue that the protesters who “initially purchased tickets and entered the rally in a peaceful manner” could be forcibly removed if they were disruptive, according to the L.A. Times report. The appeal also reads,

It also makes no difference whether the crowd reacted with unlawful violence beyond what Mr. Trump advocated, because the hostile reaction of the crowd does not not transform protected speech into incitement.


Mr. Trump had a First Amendment right to call for the removal of disruptive protesters from his campaign rally, and it is a bedrock principle of law that the right to exclude another … includes the right to use reasonable force.

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The appeal goes on to claim that the suit should be dismissed because Trump was yelling during the assaults,

Don’t hurt ’em. If I say, ‘Go get ’em,’ I get in trouble with the press, the most dishonest human beings in the world.

In the reading of these attempted justifications by Trump’s attorneys for the President’s reckless actions, all I can think of is how unbelievable it is. Yet it’s becoming harder and harder to find anything unbelievable under the rule of this administration.


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