Trump Just Tweeted About Sen. Franken: BIG MISTAKE

Trump Just Tweeted About Sen. Franken: BIG MISTAKE

Trump’s twitter fail

As we reported earlier, President Trump attempted another method of distraction and division by attacking Democratic Senator Al Franken for allegedly kissing and groping a reporter without her consent. While Franken’s act has rightfully earned ire, it does excuse the two levels of hypocrisy present in Trump’s statement.

The first is the fact that Trump has refused to address the controversy surrounding Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for Jeff Sessions’s senate seat in the 2017 Alabama Special Election. Moore has been hit with horrifying allegations regarding him either molesting or sexually assaulting minors.

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The second is Trump’s own disturbing history, with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle listing most of the women who have come forward about his disgusting sexual harassment, a behavior that he has openly admitted to on the leaked Hollywood Access tape.

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Many regular people who follow Trump on Twitter have recognized these flaws in his logic and decided to point it out to him on Twitter in a hilarious fashion. Read some of the best responses below:

Game over, Donald. PWND.

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