Trump Admitted White House Press Briefings Aren't 100% Accurate, His Solution is Ridiculous

Trump Admitted White House Press Briefings Aren’t 100% Accurate, His Solution is Ridiculous

Add White House Press Secretary to the List of Positions Trump Wants to Abolish

The position of White House Press Secretary has existed in an official capacity for almost 90 years. It has its roots in the first Grover Cleveland administration (1885). Regularly scheduled briefings have existed since Joe Tumulty gave them on behalf of Woodrow Wilson after the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915. With few exceptions, there has never been any widespread reason for the American public to question the accuracy of the White House Press Secretary. Until that is, Donald Trump took the oath of office.

With conflicting stories emerging from the president and his communications department about the dismissal of FBI Director James Comey, Trump is not only excusing away the clashing narratives but threatening to derail a century’s worth of tradition, progress and open channels between the executive branch and the American public.

The term “very active President” is practically laughable in and of itself. Even giving the television binge-watching POTUS the benefit of the doubt, it implies that most presidents aren’t active. While he may have been shocked by how hard the job actually is, it’s a safe assumption that most, if not all of his predecessors were well aware of the tireless hours that come with the job.

But let’s take the tweet at face value and consider what the President is actually saying:  I can’t guarantee my administration will tell you the truth. Or worse, I can’t promise that we’ll get our stories straight before we deliver them to you. Not only is this preposterously insulting to our collective intelligence, it debases the office of the Presidency by transforming it from a position held in the people’s trust to a glorified propaganda news outlet. Yes, every administration is prone to putting their own spin on the news cycle, but they’ve generally relied on taking the facts and adding their flavor — not the other way around, as Trump is suggesting.

And his proposed elixir is to eliminate the practice altogether. He is a one man gang dedicated to wreaking havoc on our democratic institutions. Every time you think this experiment can’t possibly reach new heights of absurdity, the challenge is accepted.

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Photo credit: Getty Images News/Donald J Trump on twitter


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