Slow and Steady Could Be Better for Dems than Waging War on Trumpublicans

Slow and Steady Could Be Better for Dems than Waging War on Trumpublicans

The 2018 midterm elections are no doubt a big deal, a referendum for and against a hostile takeover of the White House by Donald Trump. As predicted, right-wing candidates are shamelessly competing against each other for who can be more Trump than Trump. In the process, these right-wing candidates have poisoned the well, polluting our communities and moral standards with their destructive antics. So, it’s frustrating that Democratic candidates we have running against them, are less willing to wage open warfare, get bloodied and are quite frankly boring in comparison.

The consensus view is that Democrats need to take back control of both chambers of Congress in order for Washington to be a real check on the chaotic Trump. Republican’s have once again and shamelessly blocked Democrats from bringing votes to the floor and have adjusted floor rules — short of going nuclear and sabotaged them in committees in order to get the upper hand. With regard to going nuclear, Republican leadership is pressured regularly by the Trump administration to do so which is all it will take to continue to steamroll Democrats who will likely do nothing about it.

President Trump has also attacked Democrats publicly, ignoring the fact that they represent millions of Americans which in turn, means that he’s ignoring those Americans. As if that were not enough, the President’s supporters have also created chaos in businesses and communities nationwide, from harassing minorities at Starbucks to sending death threats to establishments that demand gun reform. Not only are Democratic politicians facing the mentioned destructive opposition by Trump-loyal Republicans in Washington but Democratic lawmakers have also gotten their own share of death threats, which their Republican colleagues are no longer acknowledging. In another era, these things would be enough to call the cavalry, but these Democratic candidates don’t seem to be fighting back either so, what gives?

Staying On Message to win 2018 midterm elections

The Republican message overall is more of a mess as it evolved from their endless obstruction of both terms of the Obama presidency. The ideology of the Republican Party today is simply taking the complete opposite position of Democrats on every issue, nevermind that they supported many of those issues before Democrats touched it. Such an approach is only meant to instigate conflict which should no doubt infuriate us all because who in their right mind would let that stand?

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When House Democrats were reportedly talking impeachment of President Trump last year, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi downplayed those efforts. One such case is with Rep. Al Green (D-TX) whose impeachment resolutions in December and again in January were rejected. In a recent interview with The Dallas Morning News Pelosi said:

“We have elections. Go vote if it’s a policy thing and a behavior thing. I don’t know if you can get impeached for being a jerk, but if we did, this guy would be long gone. But that’s not unifying.”

Pelosi has said that talk of impeachment was a gift to Republicans. This applies to Senate Democrats too with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer shutting down the same kind of rhetoric. But aside from Rep. Green and a few others, most Democrats seem to agree that they should stay on message about the issues for the 2018 midterm elections. This was further confirmed by Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) who was on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal on Wednesday where he referred to the female Democratic candidates running and their winning of primary elections in Pennsylvania and in Ohio.

But Rep. Ryan still used war-like terms when he referred to Ohio’s Republican Primary saying that it got “pretty ugly” and “pretty bloody” as Republicans went after each other. But he also said that it worked to open up the middle of the field for Democratic candidates to stand out. When the host of the program asked Rep. Ryan about why he considered Ohio a purple state giving them a chance to win, Ryan said:

When we stay on message in Ohio, we talk about the bread-and-butter kitchen table issues that all families are facing, we win elections.

He also added that the reason it was a purple state was that Barack Obama had won in Ohio twice. The host then asked him if he believed Democrats should take that “bread-and-butter” message they’ve used for his statewide campaigns and take it nationwide to which Rep. Ryan said “yes” because it was a national message.

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Candidates’ recipe for success

Fine. Sticking to the issues is preferred over launching incendiary campaigns. At the same time, the uninformed have carried and spread the message that the Democratic Party doesn’t know what it stands for. A few months ago, that might have been true and Rep. Ryan seemed to confirm that by saying it wasn’t clear. But he did say that the Party was getting closer to that identity and that they would know more towards the end of the year. But rather than identify one generic vision, he gave credit to the slate of Democratic candidates running to say that they were campaigning on the issues in their communities.

He also pointed out how important it was to campaign on issues of jobs and the economy, even for those who were doing well job wise because they were still at risk under the Trump administration. He said that when the President throws fuel on the fire of those issues it provides a contrast with their campaigns showing that Democrats are providing solutions. He referred to Pennsylvania candidate Conor Lamb as the example of someone who was very disciplined and organized and stayed on topic throughout his campaign despite it all. Lamb won the House seat for Pennsylvania in March.

Rep. Ryan, however, didn’t reject the resistance movement as he suggested that combined with their discipline, that it was a formula for success. But this week, Trump’s attorney Rudy Guiliani claimed that the Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller would not be able to indict a sitting president. If this is true then when Mueller hands over his recommendation from his report to a Republican-led Congress, there’s very little hope that President Trump will then impeached.

And, we’re also looking at Democratic leaders who have also expressed that they’re not in favor of impeachment and likely unless there’s perhaps a recommendation from Mueller. So, even though candidates are campaigning on all the boring stuff, all of us definitely want the orange maggot removed from the White House and fast. So, if flipping Congress over to Democratic control makes that possible, then the 2018 midterm elections should be less about the issues and more about removing Trump.

Here’s one segment about the unified message from Democrats.

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