Want To See 'Donald Trump' Covering Radiohead's 'Creep?' Of Course You Do! (VIDEO)

Want To See ‘Donald Trump’ Covering Radiohead’s ‘Creep?’ Of Course You Do! (VIDEO)

‘Donald Trump’ Covering The Radiohead Classic ‘Creep’ Is Simply Magnificent

It’s quite rare when my day job writing about politics collides with my almost religious fanaticism of the band Radiohead. But someone out there on the Internet decided to blend the two together with an overzealous helping of humor in the middle. And it’s so fucking special that not writing about it would almost be criminal.

Seeing as how you live on planet Earth and you’re old enough to read words on some sort of electronic device, I’m assuming you’re familiar with Radiohead’s famed 1990’s super-ballad Creep from their first album, Pablo Honey. If you’re not an adult human from Earth, here’s a link to a video of the band performing the song live as a refresher (and please, don’t try to sing along. I’m waiving all responsibility for that moment when your lungs implode whilst trying to keep up with Thom Yorke during that “Run” bit at the end. You can’t do it. Don’t try).

It’s a pretty great song. But what happens when Donald Trump — or at least an animated version of him — decides to cover it? MagicMagic is what happens. Please welcome to the stage… HATEIOHEAD!

Who knew Donald Trump had so much musical talent? I certainly didn’t. And my friend Luis had another great question: “Who knew he could play the guitar so well with those little hands?” Well, Radiohead does have a song on this same album titled “Anyone Can Play Guitar.” I guess that includes Donald Trump, with his adorable little candy corn fingers.

For those of you watching this at work with the sound off (are you trying to get fired?), here’s a transcription of the lyrics:

Escalator from the top floor
Don’t look at my wife’s vacant eyes (Immigrants)
I said they’re bringing in rapists
Drugs, crime, and like, three decent guys (they’re mostly bad hombres!)
I’m racist like my father (sieg heil, papa!)
We’ll build a beautiful wall… it’ll be wonderful and yuge!
Mock the reporter whose special… you gotta see this guy…
He’s so fucking special…

I will tweet
I’ll distract you (Rosie O’Donnell has AIDS)
Don’t you see what I’m doing here? (It’s the art of the deal!)
Obama’s not (sic) born here (He’s from Kenya, look it up!)

We don’t care who we hurt (Isn’t that right Stevie (Bannon)?)
White men are in control
I’ll grab your perfect pussy (my hands are tiny, you won’t even feel it)
Throw Muslims in Gitmo (or get out)
And no one will notice
As long as you’re black or brown
Dark skin makes you worthless
I’m white so I’m SPECIAL!

So I’ll just tweet
I’m rubber, you’re glue now (CNN)
Whatever I’m guilty of
I’ll blame crooked Hillary somehow


I’m golfing again (gotta love Mar A Lago!)
I just keep on…
Lying… I let my mouth
Run! Run! And run…
Don’t worry, tax reform is almost…

Oh, I’m outta breath, that really drained the ‘ole swamp!

Forget the EPA
Nuclear winter will cool us down
You snowflakes aren’t special
Russia won me the election (shh! Don’t tell the FBI!)

So I will tweet
While I’m on the crapper (it’s gold, it’s very nice!)
I’m petty, vain, and weak…
I don’t belong here (who knew this was so hard?)
I don’t belong here

As a band, Radiohead has been politically active and progressively motivated for decades, so I think it’s safe to guess Radiohead would collectively approve of this cover. And me? More songs, please!

Featured photo is a screengrab from thetweetvideo.com

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Matt Terzi is a political satirist and essayist from Binghamton, New York, who has written for some of the most prominent satire publications in the country. He’s now moving into more “serious” subject matter, without losing touch with his comedic roots