Rush Limbaugh's Hurricane Conspiracy Theory is Category 5 Stupidity

Rush Limbaugh’s Ridiculous Hurricane Conspiracy Theory is Category 5 Stupidity

Rush Limbaugh is back and nuttier than ever

It is no secret that political activists and pundits often take advantage of national events to spread their own agenda. These things are covered by lots of news sources, and thus serve as the perfect opportunity to advocate a message to the masses who will be watching the media.

When leftists do this, it is usually to push forward something that will serve the greater good of the country, like background checks in the wake of Sandy Hook or police body cameras following the numerous publicized shootings of African Americans since Trayvon Martin. When right-wingers, on the other hand, do this, it is almost always to promote a disgusting conspiracy theory that demonizes the opposition, sometimes to a dangerous extreme. For example, after Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta’s email account got hacked, reactionary organizations like InfoWars and Fox News pushed forward this nonsensical idea that the Democrats were running a child sex ring through several pizzerias in D.C., primarily one called Comet Ping Pong.

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Not only was it disgusting, but it lead to literal violence as employees were harassed to the point where, on December 4, 2016, an actual gun nut named Edgar Welch fired into the aforementioned restaurant. Despite this incident, fake news continues to run rampant in the country from conservatives.

Take Rush Limbaugh for instance. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, thousands of people have gotten displaced as the destructive storm destroyed their homes. In response to this, officials and citizens in Florida have been making preparations for the upcoming Hurricane Irma, from opening up shelters to buying out items in stores.

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It is this latter action that the infamous shock jock has taken a problem with. In the latest episode of Limbaugh’s show, Limbaugh claimed that people who participate in these mass shopping sprees are being manipulated by government agents advocating anthropogenic climate change. Notching things up to high levels of paranoia, Limbaugh suggested that cyclones like Irma were deliberately being reported to hit high-population centers in order to spread climate change fears:

“Now, my theory — and it’s only a theory — is that because of the biases, because of the politicization of everything, because you have people in all of these government areas who believe man is causing climate change, and they’re hell-bent on proving it, they’re hell-bent on demonstrating it, they’re hell-bent on persuading people of it. So here comes a hurricane that’s 10 to 12 days out and here come the initial model runs, and if it’s close — sometimes it’s not close, sometimes the hurricane will turn to the north out in the mid-Atlantic and there’s no way you can fake that. But if, if they are going to approach a hit on the U.S., you will note that early tracks always have them impacting a major population center.

Unlike UFOs which only land in trailer parks, hurricanes are always forecast to hit major population centers. Because, after all, major population centers is where the major damage will take place and where we can demonstrate that these things are getting bigger and they’re getting more frequent and they’re getting worse. All because of climate change.”

We think his words more than speak for themselves. Limbaugh has always been a joke, but this cements his legacy as a lunatic.

Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

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