'Ridiculous' Stormy Daniels Charges Dropped -- 'Politically Motivated' Sting Fizzles

‘Ridiculous’ Stormy Daniels Charges Dropped — ‘Politically Motivated’ Sting Fizzles

was Daniels the victim of A “Politically Motivated” sting operation?

On Thursday, July 12, 2018, adult film star Stephanie Clifford, who performs under the stage name “Stormy Daniels”, was arrested at a strip club that she was performing at for allegedly touching undercover cops without consent. The incident, which occurred in Columbus, Ohio, according to Columbus police, part of a long-term probe by law enforcement officials in the area, targetting vice crimes at adult entertainment avenues.

However, after a media spotlight descended on the arrest, and an outcry arose over the appearance of a setup, the three misdemeanor charges against the adult entertainer were dropped Thursday, although by then Clifford had posted a $6,050 bail.

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Clifford has become the center of the media’s attention after she sought to end a confidentiality agreement, and  speak out about a 2006 affair she alleges she had with President Trump while First Lady Melania Trump, both private citizens at the time, was pregnant with their son Barron. She later alleged that she and her daughter were threatend to keep her quiet about the alleged affair.

Clifford’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti, has become famous as well for his firebrand style in media appearances. Speaking about the arrest on MSNBC’s “Velshi & Ruhle,” Avenatti labeled the whole controversy “ridiculous,” saying that it was “an absurd use of law enforcement resources,” a point supported by host Stephanie Ruhle, who pointed out that Columbus has a higher murder rate than New York City.

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Avenatti went on to hint that he felt there was something bigger going on, but abstained from making a full accusation, instead affirming that this incident would not have an impact on his current case against former Trump attorney Michael Cohen. In a series of tweets, however, Avenatti outlined his beliefs that the operation was a “politically motivated” move:

Avenatti isn’t alone in his views. Even A. J. Delgado, who worked as a member of the Trump campaign and has actively defended Mr. Trump against accusations of sexual assault, posted a tweet questioning the circumstances surrounding the strip club event:

The country will have to wait and see for more information to come out regarding Daniel’s arrest.


Featured image via MSNBC/YouTube.

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