Paranoid Trump Loses His Marbles In Tweetstorm and the Internet Lets Him Have It

Paranoid Trump Loses His Marbles In Tweetstorm and the Internet Lets Him Have It

President Trump’s Morning Meltdown Lasted Just Under Three Hours

Donald Trump lost his shit this morning.

I know there’s a boy-who-cried-wolf aspect to that statement, but Wednesday’s sunrise tweetstorm was particularly discombobulated and paranoid. The president played all of his greatest hits, but with no rhyme or reason. He gratuitously lauded his ego-stroking sycophants in the right-wing media. He praised American workers without offering any specifics. There was plenty of his “deep state” bullshit. And on the only subject that impacts all Americans, he added further confusion to the tenuous negotiations over trade with China. The entire spectacle began a little before 6 AM on the east coast and went past 8:30.

And as per usual, the only redeeming quality was some top-notch reaction from the Twitterverse.

He began with his favorite tin-foil conspiracy: 

And quoted a Fox and Friends panelist in real-time: 

Then he confused his own batshit theory with an old NFL controversy:

More kudos and accolades for his personal cheerleading squad:

Then back to his desperate last attempt to save his presidency: 

No substance, just some word salad on an ACTUAL issue:

A promise to sign something he probably knows very little about: 

Put your lighters away, here’s his famous encore:

It Didn’t Take Long For Twitter To Digest This Paranoid Tweetstorm


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Photo Credit: The White House; Wikimedia Commons







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