NeverTrump & The Resistance Join Forces To Slam RNC Chairwoman's 'Loyalty Pledge'

NeverTrump & The Resistance Join Forces To Slam RNC Chairwoman’s ‘Loyalty Pledge’

Republicans are in the midst of a civil war

Demands for loyalty by political leaders anywhere are often seen as moves towards totalitarianism. Ideas like patriotism and nationalism lack a firm objective grasp, and are therefore subject to the differing opinions of whoever is in charge. George W. Bush infamously said at a Joint Session of Congress that “every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”

While Trump has surprisingly abstained from using similar rhetoric, that has not stopped his cohorts from indulging in it, especially as it pertains to the Republican Party. It is no secret that Trump caused a lot of divisiveness in the GOP during his presidential campaign, with long-time politicians like Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio all failing to beat him. The rise of the “Never Trump” movement by Republicans embarrassed by his political views has contributed to this in-party fighting to this day.

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Well, on Thursday, June 14, that civil war came to a head on Twitter when Chairwoman of the RNC Ronna McDaniel retweeted a portion of a reply that she had said to Fox News host Lou Dobbs that any person who does not embrace the Trump presidency “will be making a mistake.”

While it was admittedly out of context, the problem is McDaniel chose to Tweet that portion, and, as a result, now has to reap the Twitter whirlwind that has come from not only from the usual major anti-Trump resistance members, or the mainstream media Trump calls “fake news” because it’s real news, but also top Republican figures.

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