BREAKING: KellyAnne Conjob Attacks Disgraced Dem, Immediately Gets Destroyed for Selective Outrage

BREAKING: KellyAnne Conjob Attacks Disgraced Dem, Immediately Gets Destroyed for Selective Outrage

Disgusting doesn’t even begin to cover it.

The Trump White House hypocrisy is astounding

This Monday — like so many these days — started out bad and just kept going. Aside from the usual Trump-related horseshit, easily the most shocking news was that Democratic stalwart and (until now) current Attorney General for New York, Eric Schneiderman, is reportedly a vile sexual abuser. Until today, Schneiderman would have been best known as a central figure in the essential “MeToo” movement, which seeks to give voice to survivors of sexual abuse.

Until today.

On this Monday, the New Yorker broke a horrible story, which outlines several shocking allegations against Schneiderman, who is now apparently resigning in disgrace, and they are beyond horrific. There is no fucking grey area, here, folks. Zero. Schneiderman was until just today, somehow, in this goddamn freak show that has suddenly become everyday life in America, leading a lawsuit against disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, while himself simultaneously being accused of “non-consensual physical violence” during sex. And more. Yes, in this country we are all innocent until proven otherwise. But the instant resignation is LOUD AF.

The New York Post quotes one of the accusers, Manning Barish;

“You cannot be a champion of women when you are hitting them and choking them in bed, and saying to them, ‘You’re a fucking whore.'” 

Yeah. I should say so.

Which leads us to fucking Kellyanne Conway. Conway, for the uninitiated, is some sort of “counselor” to Donald Trump. Yes, THAT Donald Trump.

Grabber of all things pussy, Trump has had so many accusations of sexual misconduct that there is an entire Wikipedia entry dedicated to it. A LONG one.

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Which is why she should have known that weighing in to this debate would come at a cost. Conway – who basically lies for a living, apparently decided to attempt to make political hay from this disturbing story, on Twitter.

But Twitter always wins.

Kellyanne Conway just got owned


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I could keep going here, but really — don’t we all just want it to stop?

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