McCain Utterly Destroys Trump for Congratulating Putin for Winning 'Sham Election'

McCain Utterly Destroys Trump for Congratulating Putin for Winning ‘Sham Election’

McCain had some strong words for putin praising

On March 19, Vladimir Putin won his reelection campaign for President of the Russian Federation. Though a clear victory to his supporters, there were many accusations of voter extortion tactics initiated throughout the country to encourage people to vote for Putin.

Those allegations did not matter to President Donald Trump, who congratulated Putin and revealed his intentions to discuss ending an “arms race” with him. However, for the people like John McCain, Trump’s actions were a national embarrassment.

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Taking to Twitter, McCain condemned Trump for his words, saying he “insulted every Russian citizen who was denied the right to vote” in the election:

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McCain was so adamant on his views, that he even made it an official statement on his website under the title “STATEMENT BY SASC CHAIRMAN JOHN McCAIN ON PRESIDENT TRUMP CONGRATULATING VLADIMIR PUTIN.”

The Senator has had conflicts with Trump going back to the latter’s presidential campaign when he infamously stated that McCain wasn’t a war hero because he was captured by the enemy. McCain has been cautious with his own responses, but has taken a couple of jabs at Trump by supporting Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel probe and subtly criticizing Trump for his bone spur deferments during the Vietnam War.

Putin is another subject that the two vehemently disagree on, and I do have to side with McCain on this one. The Russian President is certainly dictator-esque, through his suppression of free speech from opposing political entities, banning of “gay propaganda,” and supporting of rapists. And let’s not ignore the suspicious assassinations of some of his critics.

The Arizona Senator is right to think he is a dictator, and one that the President of the United States should not be so willing to praise.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

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