Internet Erupts in Fury As Draft Dodger Trump Goes to Vietnam To Kiss Putin's Butt - PART 2

Internet Erupts in Fury As Draft Dodger Trump Goes to Vietnam To Kiss Putin’s Butt – PART 2

Earlier today I wrote a story about how the internet erupted in fury over the visit of Donald Trump to Vietnam, the country he’d avoided the draft to avoid during the Vietnam War. A terrible moment in history for America, and America’s Veterans, which was made all the worse by a disgusting twist of fate that brought him there as Commander In Chief, on Veteran’s Day, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the war he chickened out on. And as if it weren’t already bad enough, once there he warmly canoodled with the President of Russia, the same country which both meddled in our election to put Trump in the Oval Office, and which the US was really fighting against in the proxy war that was fought in Vietnam.

In that story, most of the reaction was on Twitter, which is fitting because Trump uses Twitter in, well, let’s just say an insane way. But interestingly, once I published the story, the Internet erupted in even more fury all over again – this time, mostly on Facebook. So, I thought I’d do a follow-up.

Read the original story here: The Internet Erupts in Fury As Draft Dodger Trump Finally Goes to Vietnam – To Kiss Putin’s Butt (part 1)

And so, without further ado, here’s even more fury over Trump’s visit to Vietnam this Veteran’s Day, 50 years after he dodged the draft for the 5th time to avoid the place, and buddied up with America’s #1 enemy, who worked to fix the election for him…

A good point about meeting Putin….

And another good point, about Trump puckering up to both of the world’s top communist leaders.

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A veteran who points out what Putin really is…

The best Trump joke I’ve read yet…

Undermining and embarrassing the USA, in Vietnam, on Veterans day. More or less sums it up. And hey, thanks for the share!

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Very enlightening! Scary, too…

Rubbing our noses in it…

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Right – it’s bad enough that it’s an insult to our Veterans. But it’s also an insult to our intelligence community, and that should not go without saying.

Just makes me sick, too…

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