Fox Host Asks About Firing Mueller, Rosenstein, Sessions -- Massive Backlash Erupts

Fox Host Asks About Firing Mueller, Rosenstein, Sessions — Massive Backlash Erupts

A Fox host tried to get support for Mueller’s termination- it backfired!

Fox News is home to so many pro-Trump personalities, that it can be hard to put them all under a spotlight. But sometimes they shine the spotlight on themselves, and that was the case recently with Lou Dobbs.

Dobbs is the CNN reject who is now host of “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on the Fox Business Network: a program that takes the worst aspects of Fox & Friends and Varney & Co. and combines them into one giant mess. Recently, Dobbs decided to try his hand at social media populism by posting a poll asking the public a disgusting loaded question pertaining to the ongoing Russia Investigation:

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It is a loaded inquiry because it assumes that the Department of Justice and FBI have corrupt leadership and have committed corrupt actions, when no such thing has been proven. And corruption is exactly what it would be if the President were to fire people for being part of, or authorizing, investigations into himself. On the other hand, it’s clear that Dobbs is OK with that kind of corruption, and only posted this survey because he was angered by the FBI’s recent raid on Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s office.

In fact, he had a bit of a televised meltdown over it.

At the time of this article’s publication, over 163,000 people have voted in Dobbs’s poll, with 74 percent saying no, and 26 percent saying yes. However, what’s interesting is not the statistical numbers, but the response to Dobbs on Twitter. People are angry at him for making an insipid post like this and are letting him know just how idiotic he is.

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Check out the best responses below:


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