IT BEGINS: Former Breitbart Spokesman Flips and Goes Democrat, Flames GOP in Scathing Op-ed

IT BEGINS: Former Breitbart Spokesman Flips and Goes Democrat, Flames GOP in Scathing Op-ed

Kurt Bardella Blasts GOP Over Embrace Of Roy Moore, Ignoring Issues

Kurt Bardella has had a long career working for Republicans like Representative Darrell Issa and Senator Olympia Snowe. His success eventually led him to representing the dubious right-wing website, Breitbart News, for two years.

Now, as Republicans have been endorsing an accused pedophile, Bardella has announced his departure from the party in a brutal op-ed lambasting the GOP for embracing such a candidate.

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Bardella first tells of his journey into politics and how he made his way into the Republican party as a teenager. He then lays into his former party over its endorsement of Roy Moore and its ignoring of “legitimate issues”.

President Trump and the Republican National Committee are endorsing, supporting and funding Moore because they would rather elect a sexual predator who preys on underage teenagers at the local mall, than a crime-fighting prosecutor who happens to be a Democrat…This is a party that constantly buries its head in the sand on climate change, racial profiling, guns, LGBTQ equality, income inequality, food insecurity, paid family leave and the treatment of women.

The spokesman left Breitbart after the organization questioned the account of its own reporter who stated she had been forcefully grabbed by then-Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

Bardella ends the op-ed with a full-throated endorsement of the Democratic Party.

I am throwing in with the Democratic Party because at the end of the day, I believe its portrait of America is better than the one being painted by today’s Republican Party. And I want to be a part of it.

This isn’t the first op-ed penned by Kurt Bardella that has made some rather loud waves. Last year, he blasted Steve Bannon and called Donald Trump “dangerous for America” in a piece announcing he would be voting for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.

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And just a few months ago, he slammed Republicans in Congress for not pursuing Trump son-in-law, Jared Kushner, with the same “speed and enthusiasm” in which they pursued any “appearance of impropriety” during the Obama administration.

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There is little doubt the rise of Donald Trump and the infusion of Steve Bannon’s ideology has sent many longtime Republicans to the exits. And don’t be surprised to see many more follow, especially if Roy Moore makes his way into the Senate next week.

The only question left will be to see how damaging this is to the GOP when the next national election rolls around. The 2018 midterms will tell us much in the way of how badly these players have hurt their team. And the effect of losing talented people like Kurt Bardella will be hugely impactful and felt for a generation.

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