Progressives Organize Massive Grassroots Event Against Neil Gorsuch

CALL TO ACTION: Progressives Organize Massive Grassroots Event Against Neil Gorsuch

Progressives rally against Gorsuch

During the last year of President Obama’s second term, Justice Antonin Scalia of the United States Supreme Court passed away, leaving his seat vacant. When the President attempted to fill it with Appellate Justice Merrick Garland, the Republican-controlled Senate refused to meet with him, resulting in Garland’s eventual dismissal.

Now that President Trump is in office, the appointment, while technically falling to him, has been used as a wedge issue by Democrats and progressive activists over Republican obstructionism. Adding to this fragility is Trump’s choice of Neil Gorsuch, another appellate judge who holds many political beliefs similar to Scalia.

Chief among these is his views on money in politics. Following the Citizens United ruling, as well Bernie Sanders’s campaign in the primary election, the lack of caps on soft money contributions has lead to many people across the political spectrum wanting to remove the influence of big money donors on campaigns. Neil Gorsuch stands against this, having a judicial history of removing restrictions on election donations. Combined with the fact that he is young, and you have a real threat to the future of American Democracy in the Trump Administration’s pick for the Supreme Court.

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As a result, grassroots campaigns are springing up at an alarming rate to fight Gorsuch’s successful approval by the Senate. Such groups include “The People’s Defense” and “Credo Action,” which, as reported by The Huffington Post, are planning on punishing any Democrats that give in and vote for Gorsuch.

The greatest stance against Gorsuch, however, comes from “Demos” and “Every Voice,” two coalitions that, among many other things, are working to ensure the federal government has a democracy representative of the people and not Big Money interests. To do this they are coordinating a massive call-to-action to every left-leaning individual out there who wants to get rid of corporate influence, and we at Reverb Press have signed up for the ride!

The two organizations, in conjunction with over 120 progressive groups (at the time of this article’s publication), are dedicating this Thursday, March 16, to a grassroots campaign set to showcase our opposition against Gorsuch and the GOP as a whole.

“We need to sound the alarm on Judge Neil Gorsuch. His record as a circuit court judge strongly suggests he would join the Roberts Court’s efforts to curtail the few remaining tools at our disposal to set at least some limits on money in politics. And that, unfortunately, is consistent with his tendency to side with powerful corporate interests over those of working people… Senators need to hear from their constituents that they are sick and tired of wealthy special interests getting their way in Washington.”

– Rio Tazewell, Government by the People Campaign Manager at People For the American Way

Unofficially dubbed the “Day of Action,” the campaign will begin around 7-8 am (est), and consist of several tactics aimed at influencing the opinion of the Senate Judiciary Committee. While the Republicans have a majority in the Senate that they can use to appoint any of Trump’s picks via the “Nuclear Option,” all court nominees must first be approved by the Judiciary Committee, which has about an equal number of Republicans and Democrats in it.

Public access to each Senator’s contact information has resulted in “Day of Action” to be able to arrange several methods that can actually impact the future of the country. Constant phone banking (which Senator Al Franken confirmed does make a difference), an influx of emails and snail mails, as well as old-fashioned ‘word-of-mouth’ will all be combined to create a formidable force that these Senators cannot ignore, or risk hurting their prospective political careers.

“The more than 100 groups that signed onto this letter represent a broad spectrum of issues impacted by the influence of big money in politics. We’re mobilizing our members to hold our elected leaders accountable on this pivotal issue.” – Rio Tazewell

We encourage everyone to not only participate, but spread the news about this event. The Supreme Court’s rulings affect everyone, whether it is about civil liberties, congressional lobbying, or fiscal reform. We must all work together to show that we, as Americans, are not going to stand by and idly accept Gorsuch. We want real change, and no amount of corruption can stop the voices of millions of progressives nationwide.

Divided we fall: United we stand. Let’s join together this Thursday to rid the prevent generations of kids from being exposed to at least one Republican bully.

Read about the full event here:

Featured Image by AJEL/Pixabay.

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