BREAKING REPORT: Election 'Rigged' For Trump Via Voter Suppression

BREAKING REPORT: Election Absolutely ‘Rigged’ For Trump Via Voter Suppression

The Election was rigged courtesy of minority voters being sUPPRESSED

While he was on “The View” on November 14th, a little more than a week after Trump won the general election, Senator Bernie Sanders was asked how leftists in this country could do anything with the Republicans controlling all three branches of the United States Government. Sanders responded with a simple observation- that the vast majority of political views held in this country were not to be labeled as “leftist” but as the views of the American people.

It is true, as we have seen in a lot of European countries, that leftism tends to be very prevalent among the political landscape. Even the so-called “conservative” parties in the Parliamentary systems of government are at best centre-right on the spectrum (ironically sharing the Democratic Party’s stance since the Reagan era). At the end of the day, most citizens prefer to align their views with the party that is socially liberal and fiscally conservative, and while the Democrats have not had the best track record when it comes to spending, they have long since moved past campaigning against gay marriage.

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Coupled with the increase in immigrants, who are venomously attacked by the Republican Party, it would seem as though the Democrats should be dominating every single election. Unfortunately, the GOP has one trick up their sleeve, and that is to cheat in any way they can. Gerrymandering has become a significant problem in the US, especially among the southern states, where the post-Shelby County v. Holder Supreme Court case resulted in numerous states shutting down hundreds of polling places in order to make Democratic voting harder.

With the 2016 election year nearly over, statistics are finally coming out detailing the impact voter suppression had on the chances of Hillary Clinton winning, and it is not good. As reported by MSNBC, 31 percent of eligible voters were unable to make it to the polls due to work, with 41 percent of this group being African American and 34 percent being Hispanic. In addition to this, 47 percent of Hispanic voters, 42 percent of black voters, and 29% of white voters were all unable to vote.

The scariest part, however, had to do with this fact: of the Hispanic voter demographic, members were twice as likely to wait in line anywhere from 30-60 minutes and twice as likely to get their eligibility questioned by the racist pollsters who no doubt stereotype every Hispanic as an illegal immigrant.

It is clear that the Democratic Party lost key white working-class voters in the Rust Belt, but it is also evident that the GOP has successfully rigged this election to favor their bigoted minority of constituents over the majority of the American public. In 2006, then DNC Chairman Howard Dean launched his famous 50-State Strategy to gain Democratic favor in red states. With many of these red states now becoming purple courtesy of demographic changes, the future Democratic Party should highly consider bringing that back in order to overturn the mass gerrymandering scheme known as REDMAP.

Image by Sean Rayford/Getty Images

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