Progressive Victory in Georgia is Bad News for Republicans - Great Lesson for Democrats

Progressive Victory in Georgia is Bad News for Republicans – Great Lesson for Democrats

More women won nominations for the Democratic Party in primary states this Tuesday. Among them is Stacey Abrams for Georgia, the state’s first African-American woman nominee for governor. Other women making headlines: Amy McGrath (Arkansas), Lizzie Pannill Fletcher, Gina Ortiz Jones and Lupe Valdez (Texas). But, the biggest among them for progressives, is Stacey Abrams. These nominations give us a look at who the Democratic Party is supporting.
The more progressive of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) leadership is Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.). Rep. Ellison was in a similar fight for DNC chair last year against Tom Perez. The recent win by Stacey Abrams is another fight between progressives and liberals. Who is going to stand for the party now?

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The battle within the Democratic Party

The other contender backed, by the Democratic Party, was Stacey Evans. An OpEd piece by The Washington Examiner explained how important it is to win in Georgia. This is because Stacey Evans represented the white, blue collar working class. This is the demographic Dems lost in 2016. The article presumes that Stacey Evans’ campaign message would concern Republicans.
But Abrams’ campaign represents the urban-minority demographic. Both of those demographics have created division in the party. For instance, another OpEd piece by The Hinterland Gazette slammed progressive supporters. Stacey Abrams has the support of Bernie Sanders’ progressive Our Revolution campaign. Her nomination shows where the Party’s voters’ preferences are. This fight has extended into other related primary races.
Our Revolution-backed progressive candidate Laura Moser lost to party-backed Fletcher. Her defeat sabotaged by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). Keith Ellison was on Democracy Now saying the party should stay out of primaries. Ellison appears to be correct as Moser’s campaign was doing better than Fletcher’s. Other Georgia candidates backed by Our Revolution are Shelly Hutchinson, Sheikh Rahman and Lisa Ring. Here is Ellison’s interview about these races. The clip refers to other times the Democratic Party has sabotaged progressive candidates. 

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