A Shocking Number of Americans Think Trump Is A Good Role Model For Children

A Shocking Number of Americans Think Trump Is A Good Role Model For Children

A SIZABLE Minority Still Supports Trump No Matter What

The President of the United States is often associated with the moniker “Leader of the Free World,” but the truth is they have a huge obligation to their own country first, such as being a symbol or inspiration for hope and change in the new generation.

Barack Obama did this in 2008, but it’s safe to say Donald Trump has failed in the less than two years that he has been President. Even though he ran on a campaign of hatred and bullying, he did have the opportunity to put that all in the past and be an actual gentleman once he stepped into the Oval Office.

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As is to be expected, he didn’t even try to do that. Yet according to the latest poll numbers, a startling number of Americans continue to be tricked by his MAGA propaganda. The survey was conducted by Quinnipiac University, and the results were as follows: 67 percent believe he is a bad role model for children, while 29 percent believe that he is a good role model for kids.

It’s a strong percentage against, but it’s tempered by two factors: one, 29 percent of the American populace is still a lot of people. And, remarkably, these are people who think an openly disgusting man who flirts with nuclear war, brags about abusing women and girls, evidently cheated on his pregnant wife with a porn star, has a history of sexually objectifying his own daughters, has a business track record of failure after failure with plenty of victims, ran a scam university that screwed over it’s students, is insulting to everyone who crosses him with the glaring exception of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, and praises a host of several other foreign dictators… is somehow a good person. And two, that same poll revealed more equal ratios for other questions: 41 percent say he has good leadership skills, 38 percent think he is intelligent, and 43 percent think he cares about the average American even after he signed a massive tax giveaway to the rich.

How can this cretin be a good role model for anyone, much less for children?

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Surveys are not everything, but they generally do a good job of indicating where the public stands on an issue, particularly one as news-heavy as Donald Trump. Granted, a good portion of the mainstream media is dominated by conservative-biased voices like Fox News that do everything they can to sugarcoat the worst reports on Trump, so not everyone is getting an objective look at the man.

But then again, if an individual still thinks Fox News or its various opinionated talk shows are worth listening to, they were probably going to be fooled by Trump’s cons, regardless of the method of exposure. It’s all part of the brainwashing of the people by right wing propaganda. Nothing else explains it.

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