The World Panics Over Nuclear Alarm - While Trump Golfs

The World Panics Over Nuclear Alarm – While Trump Golfs

For 38 minutes the entire world was on high alert over what turned out, thank goodness, to be a false alarm of a nuclear attack on Hawaii.

And while members of Congress, the news media, and ordinary citizens swung into action immediately, President Trump golfed.

This has left many people saying we’ve just telegraphed to the world that, on Trump’s watch at least, America is woefully unprepared for an attack. I disagree. It may have taken 38 minutes to give the all clear – but the alert went right out. And Trump may have been golfing – but the rest of our government, folks like Hawaii’s Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, were all over it. And for my part, I’ll echo the former defense official under Obama, who said, “Thank God the President was playing golf“.

I had something to say about the initial alert as well, and as you can imagine, a lot of other people have spoken up, since, too…

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