Republican Strategist: Trump White House "Irritated" That John McCain Still Alive

Republican Strategist: Trump White House “Irritated” That John McCain Still Alive

‘I think, frankly, what’s happening here is the White House is irritated John McCain is not dying of cancer.’

The White House has pulled no punches in its continual disrespect to long-time Arizona Senator John McCain as he battles a very “aggressive” form of brain cancer. Now it appears that Republicans unaffiliated with the Trump administration have finally had enough of the disrespect being shown to their one-time presidential nominee. While Politico reports that Senate Republicans are “openly seething” about disparaging comments that communications aide Kelly Sadler made about the former POW, a GOP strategist took to the airwaves this morning on CNN and leveled even harsher criticism on the administration.

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In a discussion with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota and “Women For Trump” (no, seriously) co-chair Amy Kremer, Republican strategist Ana Navarro accused the White House of being upset not only that McCain was still alive, but that he remains an active man of principle:

“I think frankly, what’s happening here is that the White House is irritated that John McCain is not dying of cancer, he’s living with cancer. And he is choosing to make every single day on this earth something that’s meaningful and count. And he is still confronting Donald Trump for his outrages, he is still speaking conscience and conviction and principle. And he is reminding Republicans what we used to be.  It’s very irritating, I suspect, to the White House on this torture issue because McCain speaks with a moral certitude that few can.”

Navarro went on to call Sadler’s comments “hurtful” and “offensive.”

You can watch the interview here:

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