Watch NRA Crowd Greet Ted Cruz With 'Rousing' Chorus Of Boos After Trump's 'Full Endorsement'

Watch NRA Crowd Greet Ted Cruz With ‘Rousing’ Chorus Of Boos After Trump’s ‘Full Endorsement’

Something interesting happened Friday at the National Rifle Association’s annual Convention. President Donald Trump, whom the NRA supported strongly in the 2016 presidential election (and may have even laundered Russian money for), took to the podium to give spineless, sniveling swamp creature Ted Cruz his endorsement.

“Full endorsement for this man, Ted Cruz.”

Trump proclaimed loudly, adding “Where’s Ted?”

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And the Fox “News” camera swung across the crowd as a loud noise erupted in the hall, comprised of the expected, perfunctory applause line cheers, and… what’s this? A loud, unmistakable undertone of many, many boos. A soprano symphony of falsetto exaltation, under which lay a deep bass line of damnation. Like a classic piece by Richard Wagner (which was rather fitting, given who stood at the podium).

And, oh! There’s Ted. Out of focus, but still recognizably smarmy, somehow even while blurry, still oozing creepiness, standing beside his albino doppleganger Mike Pence. Waving and making those disturbing faces he makes as the man who cruelly insulted his wife’s looks like a “12 year old bully”, before the eyes of the whole world, now offers him his collar, I mean, “endorsement”.

It seems some in the crowd were no more impressed by the fecklessness of being willing to accept a pat on the head from his master, instead of biting at the hand that gave his wife the middle finger, than I am. Because on Star Wars Day at the gathering of the forces of evil, you may say the 4th was strong with booing.



Bonus – Here’s Why You Want To Punch Ted Cruz, According to Science:

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