Watch: Man Terrorizes Teen With Knife at School Gun Control Meeting - School Punishes Students

Watch: Man Terrorizes Teen With Knife at School Gun Control Meeting – School Punishes Students

The gun nuts are out of the woods

At a Parent Teacher Association meeting at Rocky Point High School in New York, amid a discussion focused on what to do about the epidemic of school shooting sprees in America, one man reacted to a student arguing against arming teachers by pulling a knife on the student, and menacing her threateningly.

But it seems the man didn’t actually intend to harm or threaten the student. Instead, he was trying to make a point with a very poorly thought out demonstration, intended to illustrate that without a “good guy with a gun”, even a bad guy who doesn’t have a gun could do a lot of damage in the minutes it would take police to arrive on the scene. Which, as I will explain, isn’t true. Disturbingly, during the demonstration, he pointed out that he’s a lot larger than she, and repeatedly asked the student “what are you going to do now” before he was finally escorted out.

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Ever since the Parkland shooting, schools across the country have become places for strong student activism for gun control measures. Groups such as “Never Again MSD” to movements like “Enough! National School Walkout” have seen young people come together to fight against the gun lobby.

Unfortunately, that gun lobby controls more than just Republican politicians: it has influenced many conservatives who will go to terrifying lengths to fight back any perceived intrusion on their Second Amendment rights. That was the case with this man here. He was willing to bring a weapon into a classroom encouraging peaceful debate and threaten a minor to preserve his “freedoms.”

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There are a lot of reasons he really should have thought that through more. First, obviously, it was a terrible thing to do. A large grown man should not be threatening, even to make a point, a young girl half his size like that.

But secondly, if his point was to prove that it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with any kind of weapon, he proved himself wrong on that. Because, if you think about it, what he ended up proving was that a bad guy with an AR-15 couldn’t be stopped from hurting a lot of people in that room once he managed to get in there with that weapon, the way he got in there with that knife. Those security officers who were there to escort him out couldn’t have stopped that, even with another AR-15. But, since he only had a knife, a good guy with a taser, or some martial arts training, or any of a number of means of constraint not likely to spew bullets at kids caught in the crossfire, could have apprehended him.

So how did the school handle all of this? They issued a statement saying they thought the man didn’t mean to do anything bad. And threatened students with punishment for having protested to not get shot in school. And that’s a sign that the real problem here isn’t the guns themselves, or the people that defend them in our communities – but the NRA, and it’s misplaced political power.

Here’s the bottom line, dear readers: this is a complicated issue, with no easy solution. Just giving some teachers some guns and calling it a day isn’t going to solve this problem. Not in schools, not in our broader society. It’s going to take a lot of changes to curb this epidemic of violence. The first thing to do is take the NRA out of the conversation. They’ve proven themselves to be unreasonable extremists with a political agenda that goes way beyond guns. And a time when that organization is even under scrutiny for potential treason, they’re the last group that should be given any credibility, or allowed any influence on our government. And until we do something about the NRA, they won’t just influence our politicians, they’ll influence people like this man to do dangerous things like this.

Check out the video below of the incident:

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