Joe Biden: I Won't Run In 2020, I'll Be Doing This Instead (VIDEO)

Joe Biden: I Won’t Run In 2020, I’ll Be Doing This Instead (VIDEO)

Joe Biden reveals his plans for the future

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has confessed that he has no intention to run for the Presidency in 2020 but that doesn’t mean he won’t be busy. Speaking on The View, Biden revealed he wants to use his time starting Friday to continue research on the issues he has always cared about. Even though he had claimed before he would run for President in the next election, he said it was just a joke; as he told The View:

“[…] I have no intention of running for president but I do have the intention to stay deeply involved in everything I’ve done my whole life.”

According to The Independent, Joe Biden has earmarked nearly $6 million to spend on hiring experts, as well as retaining his White House staff to continue to work on domestic and foreign policy, and conducting research on cancer and violence against women. At the beginning of January, according to The Hill, Biden had already spoken of his interest to continue his cancer work and foreign policy. The funds were provided by the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Delaware. As Biden explained: 

“I am going to have a full-blown staff, leading people in the country, on cancer care, on foreign policy, on domestic policy, and violence against women, and I’m going to run an entire operation out of the University of Delaware where if you name the 10 best people in the country on this, three of them will be working full time for me.” 

The idea of him running for President in four years was something many Americans were looking forward to; yet, as expected, Biden will continue putting all his efforts on bigger causes. One of the many traits he has been admired and will be remembered for.


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Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images News

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