Fake Cop Shoots Real Human, Goes To The Bahamas

Fake Cop Shoots Real Human, Goes To The Bahamas

I had a blast when I was a kid, playing Cops and Robbers in my backyard. We had real cap guns that made really loud BOOMS! with real smoke and everything! Of course, most of us grew up, put down the fake guns and pursued other interests. Others, however, become big rich men, rich enough to supply the real cops, play deputy, kill a real human and then jet off to paradise.

Well, it is better in the Bahamas…

Eric Harris, real human being of Tulsa, OK, is dead. Mr. Harris is dead because his killer, 73-year-old Volunteer Deputy (sic) Robert Bates – who was working on a sting operation (sic) – never stopped playing Cops and Robbers, and in the middle of his game, he pulled his .357-mag rather than his Taser. BOOM! OOPS!

And why was a 73-year-old Volunteer Deputy (sic) armed to the teeth with a real gun and a real Taser while working on a real sting operation (sic)? Well, it helps to be buddie-roos with the Sherriff’s Office. Having falsified training records sure doesn’t hurt. And if you pick up the check for the department’s munitions tab, why not keep a piece and get a badge for yourself? Fun!

And now, after some top-notch self-inflicted styled lawyerin’ (Clarence Darrow called: he said, “forget it”), 73-year-old Volunteer Deputy (sic)/Tulsa PD sugar daddy Robert Bates is off for some r&r! This is where the case really hits home. A man is dead, and the man responsible is allowed to blast off a weak mia culpa in front of millions of viewers and then promptly jet off to the Bahamas. Justice is Served, Table for One.

I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt and believe that this is a horrible accident. But I am not willing to believe that the set-up for this atrocity – allowing a 73-year-old man with falsified records and a plastic K-Mart badge to work a sting operation – is in any way acceptable. Too much is on the line.

Another African American man is dead at the hands of, ostensibly, law enforcement. This has become zeitgeist, a meme, like the Summer of the Shark Attacks, or the Summer of Firestone Tires blowing up on Ford Explorers. And we just shrug and change the channel.

But real humans are being killed with real guns, sometimes by fake cops. This is no longer Cops and Robbers. This is real, and we should be outraged.

Photo Source: Flickr

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Brian Westbye is a freelance writer with a passion for a great story. A failed corporate drone, he is feverishly penning op-ed, memoir, fiction and poetry, and working on his first book, a memoir ode to the Great American Road Trip and the Great American Midlife Crisis. World Domination will follow.