Unbelievably, Donald 'Grab 'Em by the P***y' Trump Is Now The Poster Boy For Abstinence

Unbelievably, Donald ‘Grab ‘Em by the P***y’ Trump Is Now The Poster Boy For Abstinence

The irony is real with trump taking up abstinence

In a move to both roll back an Obama Era program and pander to the religious right, the Trump Administration’s Health and Human Services Department has announced a plan to focus on promoting abstinence before marriage.

To do this, they are changing the way they award grants to the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (TPPP): an initiative that was created during the Obama Administration to curb teen pregnancy rates in the United States, which, according to the CDC, were numbered at 41.5 live births per 1000 females (aged 15-19) in 2007. But after the TPPP’s enactment, the rate dropped to nearly half, at 22.3, by 2015.

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But this success means nothing to Trump and his cohorts, who are more interested in regressing the country to a fictional time where teens always listened to their parents and magically repressed their sex drives until they got married. But in reality many had sex, and then too often, back alley coat hanger abortions, or unwanted children who’d end up in hellish orphanages.

Federal grants to TPPP are being changed through the introduction of two tiers. Tier one will only give out funds if the grantees begin promoting one of two abstinence programs designed by HHS. Tier two advocates the creation of new strategies that “holistically” address “youth sexual risk” by “focusing on protective factors.”

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This is not the first time the Trump Administration has gone after TPPP. In the summer of 2017, the White House tried to prematurely end the program by 2018, even though funding was scheduled till 2020. Luckily, a federal judge ruled against this notion, but, as with other Trump policy initiatives like the Muslim travel ban, that did not stop them from trying the next best thing, which was diverting the goal of the program altogether. By sabotaging TPPP, HHS creates a self-fulfilling prophecy where they can point to its failure as proof that it does not work.

There is a bit of irony in the HHS strongly advocating sexual abstinence when the government is currently being run by a man whose example infamously stands in stark contrast to such a moral standard. From his multiple marriages to the sexual harassment and assault allegations, to his disturbing behavior towards, and comments about, his own daughter, to the current extramarital affair controversy with former pornographic actress Stormy Daniels, Trump is living proof that this old idea of self-repression does not work.

And so the Government’s poster child for abstinence is, in truth, the poster child of everything wrong with bad sex ed, and why returning back to an abstinence-era will only kickstart the teen pregnancy rate. Which is just the latest bizzaro-world aspect of life in America, in the Trump era.

Image a screen capture from the Daily Mail’s video

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