After Panicked Trump Tweet, Twitter is Exploding Over Flynn Immunity Hypocrisy

After Panicked Trump Tweet, Twitter is Exploding Over Flynn Immunity Hypocrisy

Twitter Shows Trump No Mercy

Donald Trump began his day as he so often does – sending out an incoherent tweet, laced with inaccuracies and underlying with panic.

Of course the president is blaming both the media and the Democrats for the latest debacle. It’s what he does. It’s how he got into office. But anyone with a lick of sense can read the hysterics behind it. The walls are closing in. Those Russian connections aren’t going away. In fact, they grow stronger and more evident every day. And now, Trump’s own former national security adviser is offering to sing like a bird, in exchange for legal protection.

No wonder the president is scared.

But Twitter shows Trump no mercy. It never has, even though Donald himself seems addicted to it. And Twitter wants you to remember something.

Trump and Flynn both believe that immunity is asked for and given only when the party receiving it is guilty.

And when it came to Clinton, they wanted to “lock her up.”

Twitter Never Forgets…Thank Goodness!

Those were both pillars of Trump’s angry campaign. But now, it’s come back to haunt him…because Twitter never forgets.

Both men spent a lot of time on the campaign trail, lambasting Hillary Clinton for being under investigation. They lamented over immunity, and how it was an admission of guilt.

Funny how that has all changed. And a lot of people see the dark humor in it.

Does this mean it’s time to step down, Donald? (Please?)

Trump drawings never get old.

Well, that sort of puts it all out there, in simple-to-understand words.


It’s a place the president stands in often.

Funny how transparent Trump’s panic-stricken tweets seem to be, despite their pathetic attempts at bravado.

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And lastly, because this picture of Hillary Clinton is all of us.

Keep it up, Twitter.

Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

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