Truth Tellers are a Force for Good -- It's Time to Empower Them

Truth Tellers are a Force for Good — It’s Time to Empower Them

Here at Reverb Press we’ve always been a progressive publication. Conservatives would have you believe that’s simply bias, and bias is simply bad. But things are not that simple. In truth, we are as a nation in no less than a struggle between good, and evil. And bias against evil is good.

To be more specific, I submit the following to you… That racism is evil, and bias against it is good. That sexism is evil, and bias against it is good. That hate in general is evil, and bias against it is good. That unchecked greed, from those who don’t care who is hurt as long as there’s money to be made, is evil, and bias against that is good. That lying to the people to cast those who take a stand for justice and fairness, tolerance and generosity as villains, while insisting those who work to further injustice, racism, sexism, greed, and lies are somehow heroes, is evil, and resistance to that is good.

But conservatives have spread an insidious lie… That even as they churn out hoaxes, misinformation, and propaganda with their vast right wing noise machine, somehow the reporting of the truth, the exposing of their lies, their greed, their hate, makes them the victim of an unfair media bias.

Make no mistake, the media SHOULD be biased towards the truth, and against evil. The media SHOULD work to expose the greed all too often hurting innocent people to line someone’s pockets. The media SHOULD work to expose lies told to keep liars in power. The media SHOULD work to expose the evils of all forms of hate and all the pain and suffering it causes. The media should take the defenders of greed and hate, sexism and fanaticism to task.
The media should be a force for good, that stands against evil.

That is why America’s Founding Fathers, in their astounding wisdom, enshrined the right to Freedom of speech and the Press as the first, and foremost right of our society. To serve as a force for good, as a check on the power of the government. As the unofficial fourth branch of the government, the Fourth Estate.

Over Wednesday and Thursday, hundreds of publications have joined a chorus to declare that the media is not the enemy of the people. Now we add our voice to that chorus. But let us also add a new verse to the song. For it isn’t just President Trump and his political and propaganda enablers, and those taken in by their lies, who need a reality check. Those who have set themselves up as the gatekeepers of the flow of information need one as well.

It isn’t enough, in this digital age, for those who dig up the truth and rail against injustice, those who fight against bigotry and greed, fanaticism, to simply be accepted by the people as the truth tellers they are. They must be accepted as such by those who control the flow of information on the information superhighway, as well.

The time has come for the captains of digital industry to work the valves on the dams they’ve built, to correct the injustice of treating lies as equal to truth. To turn down the volume of the voices calling for cruelty, and indifference, and hate, and fear, and turn up the volume of the voices calling for fairness, and justice, and compassion, and love, and courage, and justice.

For in this time in which we live, only they truly have the power to set this right. So, yes, tell Trump that we see his lies and his enablers, and his shills for what they are: the true “enemies of the people”. But also tell the titans of tech to get off the sidelines, and stop empowering this false equivalency that treats evil as equal to good.

Only then can democracy truly survive in the digital age.

Edward Lynn is the Editor in Chief of Reverb Press. More posts by Edward Lynn.

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