Donnie Jr. Doesn't Like the Press Telling the Truth about his Dad - Twitter Doesn't Like His Shirt

Donnie Jr. Doesn’t Like the Press Telling the Truth about his Dad – Twitter Doesn’t Like His Shirt

Donald Trump, Jr. Tries And Fails

Donald Trump Jr. has apparently inherited his father’s sense of humor…which is to say that he doesn’t have one.

In an attempt to make a joke, Donald Trump Jr. posted a picture of himself wearing a bright green shirt, emblazoned with the words “VERY FAKE NEWS.” His oily hair, slicked back, glistens in the sun, like a bad joke itself. He stands in the glare on the apron of a pool, looking like a spoiled child.

One assumes he means to point his thumbs back at himself, or perhaps fully erect, as in “thumbs up!” but maybe, like sitting, basic human gestures are hard for Donald the Younger.

“I’m going to have to buy 5-10,000 of these to pass around to our buddies in the #MSM. In the meantime I’ll model it for them,” the tweet reads, with a gleeful emoji tacked on at the end.

Of course, Trump’s real fight isn’t with the mainstream media. It’s with the truth. And Twitter wasn’t impressed with his shirt, his sense of fashion, his bad joke, or his manufactured outrage at the media.

Twitter Remains Unimpressed With Trump The Younger

And so Twitter uses let him have it. They don’t like Donnie’s shirt. They don’t like Donnie. And they don’t like his dad. In fact, they don’t like much of anything the Trumps stand for, and they aren’t afraid to let the Trumps know it.

Sometimes, social media can be a beautiful thing.

Oh, that’s cold. Good, but cold.

Oh, snap. And you know how the Trumps are about their approval ratings.

It’s safe to say that Twitter doesn’t see a future in modelling for this particular Trump.

Right? Because that hair! Ugh.

So, there is that.

Hey, you can’t blame a kid for trying! (Just kidding, you totally can.)

It does seem to take some talent.

Irony always seems to go over Trump heads.

And in case we really need to put this ignorance into perspective:

But hey, Donald Trump, Jr. is good for something…a good laugh on a Saturday.

Image via Twitter

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