Treasonous Lying Scumbag GOP Operative, Trump Advisor Roger Stone Admits Meeting Russian in 2016

Treasonous Lying Scumbag GOP Operative, Trump Advisor Roger Stone Admits Meeting Russian in 2016

Roger Stone is a traitor

One of the bigger revelations about the infamous Trump Tower meeting between various Trump confidants and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya was that it was done to retrieve potentially damaging information on 2016 Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton.

To add more fuel to that fire, The Washington Post’s Manuel Roig-Franzia and Rosalind S. Helderman has revealed  that yet another Trump confidante secretly met with a Russian to discuss retrieving dirt on Clinton, and that person is Roger Stone.

This despite Stone’s earlier lies, denying that he had ever met with Russians during the campaign, as detailed by CNN’s Jake Tapper:

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To contemporary readers, Stone is another conspiracy nut like Alex Jones whom Trump brought on to help his 2016 political campaign. But to anyone who has been following politics for long time, Stone is not only a long time Trump flunkie, but is a part of a long line of dangerous Republican consultants, going all the way back to the Nixon Administration where he worked as a spy and intelligence gatherer for the corrupt President.

Fast forward to May 2016 where Stone, under the Trump campaign, met with a Russian man reportedly operating under the names Henry Greenberg and Henry Oknyansky for the purposes of obtaining leverage over Clinton. The meeting was arranged by Trump campaign communications official Michael Caputo, who had learned of Greenberg through a business partner of his who was a Russian immigrant.

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Luckily for Stone, the conference between him and Greenberg did not get to the point of an actual transaction as Stone was dumbfounded by Greenberg’s price-tag of $2 million, to which he reportedly responded with the claim that Donald Trump “doesn’t pay for anything.”

Interestingly enough, Greenberg has a history of working with the FBI for over 17 years, allegedly stopping shortly after 2013. Stone and Caputo, however, have both insisted that they were set-up by anti-Trump law enforcement officials, referencing of course not only Greenberg’s past but an FBI agent and former member of the Special Counsel team named Peter Strzok, who was found to have sent text messages claiming that he would prevent Trump from becoming President.

In the end, though, it does not matter if Greenberg was working with the FBI or by himself, because Stone’s actions constitute treason, and will add to Mueller’s investigation, who already had Stone under his radar due to the Trump campaign strategist’s association with Rick Gates. Stone himself admitted back in mid-May 2018 that he was prepared to be indicted by the Special Counsel.

This is not the first time Stone has been accused of betraying the country for Russia. In March 2018, two associates of Stone’s claimed that the conspiracy theorist had contacted Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in Spring of 2016 for the purposes of hurting Clinton’s campaign. I genuinely hope someone gets to the bottom of Stone’s actions and puts him away for life.

Image a screen capture from TMZ’s YouTube channel

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