That Time 'a Moron Lile' Me Got Caught Up In 'Over-rated' Trump's Antisemitic Twitter Tantrum

That Time ‘a Moron Lile’ Me Got Caught Up In ‘Over-rated’ Trump’s Antisemitic Twitter Tantrum

We all know by now that Donald Trump loves him so Twitter. Especially in the early hours during his morning routine. Remember back in the day when Donald Trump would get into Twitter wars with users who criticized him? Or when he got into a “war” with Jon Stewart when he was still the host of The Daily Show? Well, I was someone who put her two cents in regarding Trump’s feelings towards Stewart. What were the results? A tweet from the Donald himself.

On the morning of April 24th, 2013, Donald Trump made an anti-Semitic remark about Jon Stewart’s name and heritage.

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He didn’t pass on the chance to call him overrated either. Keep in mind that Trump has called Jon Stewart overrated many times since that tweet. There are tweets dating back to 2015 even. Trump’s anti-Semitism is no secret either. This pointless vendetta got a 19-year-old me all fired up. Many people have expressed their feelings towards Trump and I wasn’t going to pass on that opportunity. When I saw that tweet, I simply tweeted to him that he was the one that was overrated. Did I expect a response? Not at all. It didn’t even cross my mind, but it happened.

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The following morning, I woke up and noticed that my mentions were blown up. Why? Donald Trump had responded to me.

He actually cared what some 19-year-old college student said about him.

After that, I changed my username since I didn’t want to waste my day blocking people who wouldn’t stop defending the guy. When people say that Trump doesn’t take crap from anybody, that’s false. The man is thin skinned and won’t ignore the slightest hint of criticism when given the chance. A bully who always plays the victim when getting called out. Will his supporters ever realize that he’s nothing more than a terrible two-year-old?

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