'Shame, Shame' - Chanting Children, Clergy Occupy Senate to Close Trump's 'Baby Jails'

‘Shame, Shame’ – Chanting Children, Clergy Occupy Senate to Close Trump’s ‘Baby Jails’

Even children realize how messed up Trump and the republicans are

If there is one good thing that has come out of the Trump Administration, is it the increased progressive activism among younger generations. From the high school kids fighting for gun control under Never Again MSD, to the plaintiffs behind the environmental lawsuit Juliana v. United States, younger people are getting more and more interested in the political scene because they realize that their future is being torn apart by the regressive, and increasingly fascist and totalitarian agenda of the Republican Party.

Now, even younger children are participating in the political process because of the recent surge in attention towards immigration. Many in the media had previously reported that Trump and his cohorts at ICE were massively increasing unethical deportations throughout the country, but what they did not know was the systemic abuse the children of these immigrants were enduring. ReverbPress has reported extensively on the more disturbing cases like minors being kept in dog kennelssexually abused, and even tortured, though each day reveals even worse atrocities.

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Because of this, a large group of kids and their adult compatriots traveled to the Russell Senate Office Building to do a sit-in, much like African American activists used to arrange in segregated establishments during the Civil Rights Movement. Thanks to a large amount of video footage of the event, I know that they were wearing space blankets and were surrounded by clergymen and fellow activists, the latter of whom were carrying signs with the phrase “No Tents, No Cages” and chanting pejoratives like “shame.”

Space blankets were chosen not just for their shiny aesthetic, but to symbolically represent “the spaces where children are being housed in Texas against their will.” Other religious groups like the Columbian Center for Advocacy and Outreach have given their public support for the protests.

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The immigrant children issue has reached a fever pitch in the United States, with President Trump finally being goaded into signing an executive order ending the separation of parents from their kids. It should be noted, though, that he and his administration will not be giving up.

While there are a wide range of reasons, among those in Trump’s base for their continued support of Trump, his treatment of Latinos is one of them among far too many. Treatment that has culminated in the detention of children, including “tender age” children in what Share Blue called “baby jails“. And the best method Republicans have employed to rile up their base during election season is fearmongering. This more than explains why they have refused to help the Democrats with an immigration reform bill, even as Trump insists against all evidence that the Democrats are to blame – even after issuing an executive order overturning his own policy.

Featured image composite by Reverb Press, using images by UCC Justice @ Witness Ministries/Twitter (fair use).

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