Breaking: School's Cowardly 'Good Guy With a Gun' Did NOTHING as 'Bad Guy With a Gun' Murdered Kids

Breaking: School’s Cowardly ‘Good Guy With a Gun’ Did NOTHING as ‘Bad Guy With a Gun’ Murdered Kids

On Valentine’s day a disturbed, 19 year old former student of Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland Florida entered the school with an AR-15 rifle, and murdered 17 people, including 14 children, and 3 adults.

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The school’s armed deputy was handling a matter with a student in the school when he heard the sound of gunfire and rushed to the building, but didn’t enter. For four long minutes, as the gunman in the school assassinated child after child and heroic teacher after heroic teacher, as the trained, armed, paid “good guy” with a gun cowered outside, as revealed today by Broward Country Sherriff Scott Israel. Two minutes later, the shooting was over, and the gunman made his escape.

“I am devastated. Sick to my stomach,” Israel told reporters. “He never went in.”

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Wednesday, in a “listening session” with survivors of the Parkland attack and other school shootings, President Trump suggested that arming teachers was the solution to the problem. Despite survivors telling him immediately to his face that was a bad idea, and a night of news coverage that included a massive town hall in Florida which made it clear most people agree, President Trump has spent much of the day this Thursday insisting that arming teachers is the solution. In essence, the classic NRA position that the problem is never too many guns, and always too few. And that a good guy with a gun will always save the day.

Meanwhile, the school Deputy, Scot Petersen – the “good guy with a gun” who could have saved lives, resigned Thursday, in disgrace, and potentially facing charges. According to the Sheriff, Petersen can be seen on surveillance video outside the building, as the carnage unfolded within.

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He should have “Went in. Addressed the killer” Israel said, adding he should have “Killed the killer.” Instead, this “good guy” with a gun chose to save his own life, instead of the lives of children – rather than face a murderous maniac armed with a weapon of war.

Two other deputies are also being investigated, and have been placed on “restrictive duty”.

So much for the “good guy with a gun” myth.

Watch Sheriff Israel’s Press Conference:

Featured image of Sheriff Israel by Aaron Davidson/Getty Images for Habitat for Humanity of Broward.

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