Sarah Huckabee Sanders Just Humiliated Herself So Badly Even Conservatives Blasted Her

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Just Humiliated Herself So Badly Even Conservatives Blasted Her

In a fit of pique over reporting by the conservative Wall Street Journal quoting President Trump saying “I probably have a very good relationship with Kim Jong Un of North Korea,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made a huge mistake. She followed Donald Trump’s example.

Never do that.

So Sanders did just like Duh Donald does, and turned to Twitter to howl “FAKE NEWS” any time real news embarrasses him.

Of course, as any sensible person would have predicted, that didn’t go well. Naturally, the classification “sensible person” doesn’t include people who have already flushed their lifetime career and credibility down the proverbial tubes to claim their place in history as a liar’s liar, to be remembered for the ages as a shill for a treasonous, white supremacist nutcase. So unsurprisingly, she was caught by surprise by the predictable result.

Yes, when you challenge well resourced, well financed, long standing, respected journalists on their veracity – even journalists who work for a relatively conservative publication owned by Rupert Murdoch – they tend to smack you down pretty hard with a heaping helping of proof. I mean, come on! This is what these people do. They’re pros at it.

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That wasn’t as obvious to Huckabee Sanders as it should have been, because she then added insult to her own injury, by doubling down in the worst way possible – proving herself wrong.

Oof. Boy, it sure is good to see that our President hires “the best people”…

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