To Put It Bluntly, Republicans Are Killing Children Out of Sheer Greed

To Put It Bluntly, Republicans Are Killing Children Out of Sheer Greed

Republicans will be responsible for millions of children losing their health insurance – and for Too Many, Their lives

Actions have consequences, and one problem the Democratic Party has had in the past is articulating the dangers of Republican policy to the American public. They often rely too heavily on statistics, such as citing figures from the Congressional Budget Office, without realizing that what really inspires activism is anecdotal stories.

Republicans, on the other hand, are masters of this, able to weave any Democratic legislation into a thread of fear-mongering: like they did with Obamacare and the presence of “death panels.” Rhetorical strategists like Frank Luntz have been employed to help market their brand of ideas through doublespeak terms like the death tax instead of the estate tax.

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Under the Trump Administration, the Democrats have finally shed that coat and begun to employ the same tactics as their GOP counterparts. When Republicans and Trump propose gutting the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, it is no longer that millions of people will lose their health insurance but that millions of people have a chance of dying thanks to Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and all the other Republican cretins in office. It is not fear-mongering to say this if the basis for one’s claims are pure facts.

One of the more horrific aspects of this comes from the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), a Department of Health and Human Services’s program that helps states fund health insurance for couples with children. Early on his first term, President Obama signed legislation that expanded the program to include 4 million more individuals. However, as a result of doing this, it became a part of his legacy, which meant sooner or later it was going to get taken apart in the Trump Era, which is what happened September 30.

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The federal funding for CHIP expired, and Republicans, being the merciless and greedy deplorables that they increasingly are, have chosen not to renew it. Why is this being brought up nearly two months later? It was hoped that, before the Christmas recess, the GOP would vote to continue funding the program for at least for the next eight years. Instead, they have decided to waste time trying to kill millions of people through the removal of their Obamacare health coverage, as well as fighting to give rich Americans a large tax break.

As several news outlets have reported, the remaining CHIP funds from the Obama Era will begin to run out for states as early as January next year, meaning children will start to die because families will lack the money to afford their health coverage.

We encourage everyone to contact their congressional representative and senator and tell them to vote to keep CHIP funded before Congress breaks on December 15. Lives literally depend on this decision.

Featured Image by Tania Van den Berghen/Pixabay, (CC0 1.0).

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